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Give us all you got. Stop holding titles back because they are years away. Sony does not care if its 10 years or 10 months before it will hit shelves Microsoft needs to follow suit.

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@jhoward585, Microsoft is worth trillions of dollars as where SOny is worth 40 million. It easy for Sony to focsu on one thing specially when that was the only division within the company making money.

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Yea, that where my PS4 Pro and the 23 games I own are headed as well. SpiderMan is the only thing holding me back from selling it now.

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@AngainorG7X, I kind of feel that way about Sony. All their games seem to be diff versions of 3rd person games with more movie than game play. I hardly played the ps3 compared to the 360 and now this gen I literally have not enjoyed a ps4 games since HZD. If Sony does not change I cant fathom buying another sony console.

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Microsoft just strengthens their label as the best place to play racing games.

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This game is going to be way to out their I think . Kojima has always been a strange dude I expect this game to be strange and quite possibly to weird when its finally done.

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Both sides will claim victory. So really the gamers win. Im more interested in PC, XBOX and Switch stuff but that is me.

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Not going to buy it, EA has been mean to me.. Just Joking
LOL, of course Im going to BUY THIS DAY ONE. Maybe sooner with EA access and early access.

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LOL, and Killzone was a Halo Killer too.

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Fool me once PSP, Fool me twice Vita. I have learned my lesson.

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That is one less game I want to get this year.

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It runs at over 120 FPS on the atari 2600.

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To me its the Genre its dead. Survival Horror has been played out.

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People are tired of zombies and mutants. I will pass on this exclusive and TLOU 2 just tired of the genre in general.

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F-Zero and Punchout please..

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I usually like Avalanche open world games looking forward to this one.

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We will be getting a new Forza Horizon game that to me is a win right there.

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I predict Xbox Owners will be happy.

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I will stick with Monster Hunter World , love the game and by the photos of thw switch game it looks like last generation.

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@RosweeSon, least you got 4 months with a console you did not like much. I got like 2 exclusive games out of the PS4 so far that have been must play to me Second Son and Horizon Zero Dawn other than that my ps4 collects dusts. XBOX X , switch and PC is are where I spend most of my time.

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