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Its the only console Zelda I never finished. I would love for them to rerelease it on the switch with Normalized controls.

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I have a lot of good games in my backlog. I play My pc games first followed by XBox tittles. So my PS games usually sit in backlog till I find time to enjoy them. I have Days Gone, I want to try to get into God OF war again Loved the first 3 but the new was such a huge departure from OG titles I had a hard time getting into the new one. And all my switch exclusives I have not played many on it since Breath of Wild and Mario Kart.

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It seems like a bad idea for slow card like these to try to implement what is known as a very power hungry resource in RTX.

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Im still waiting for Sony to send me my Twisted Metal that they were suppose to send you when you bought the PS2 network adapter. Grrrr Sony.

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Can not wait for this game. Payback was a blast expecting more fun,

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I did not like it.

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Its such a Niche game category. If it sold enough not sure why they would not make another one. Personally playing a game based on difficulty turns me off but that is just one persons opinion. I have way to much a of backlog for something like that.

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Full Price. Games have been the same price for over a decade or more. Inflation alone would have raised the prices. These MT keep games prices the same while still allowing publishers and developers to make up the money. So would you be okay with a 10 to 20 dollar increase per game but no MT. Since I do not buy MT I surely do not want game prices to increase. Let the suckers continue to buy them it does not hurt you at all.

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I hope they do improve it. One major reason I do not play on the playstation is that god awful controller.

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It is the best controller.

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I bet you hate Amusement Parks. I always pay the extra fee to skip the lines when I go so I can ride more rides when I go.

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But he is paying in real world money. That has to suck. You saved that money by investing the time and your skill should be improved since you played the game. Stop whining about how others got the weapon and enjoy the game.

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That sounds nice. I usually never prestige in games I hate losing weapons or items.

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Yep that is what ! have for games and a 512 M2 for OS drive and then 10 tb of mechanical drive storage.

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I would agree with that. I have no interest in playing the game online so I would not installed that stuff.

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People expect 4k or Higher assets that takes space. Sure they could compress them but do you want slowdowns in games while it loads compressed data. Not to mention Rockstar streams, loads data on the fly as you play.

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Hard Drives are so cheap and even SSD drives are cheap now. No worries this will go on SSD for me though I want the best EXP.

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Yet the same Sony fans defend Driveclub. Who not only took years to fix but was also delayed a year.

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