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You sell the consoles at a loss or at even till close to the end of the generation. You make money selling games. This has been well known forever. Attach Rate is what you want to look at.
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Remember you will be able to have much smaller assets since at the most the switch can do is 1080p. That should help with the size issues

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This site is overloaded with Sony fans. If I was a a Sony fan I would be dissapointed they did not feel the need to show up at the biggest show of the year. They owe it to the fans IMO.

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Nice, continue to use the best controller I have ever used for another next gane. Xbox Elite #1.

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Exactly. No show companies are doing a disservice to their fans.

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Im glad my console of choice supported its fans and showed up even though its console cycle is almost over. Anything is better than just plain not trying that companies who skip E3 are doing.

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Rubbish, least other companies who are in the process of changing to next gen showed up and tried to make the show.

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Least they showed up more than you can say for its competition.

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Game looked good to me looking forward to playing it.

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The OG release of that game was same night RDR, and Blur. Such a great month for gaming

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You make more money on games than console sales.

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IF some one likes the game enough where they would spend more money to enjoy it more so be it. This argument is like proud people who beat one of those god awful difficult games saying the game does not need an easy level, why not. Wider audience sell more games. The bottom line is you either make money or not no matter how good or bad your game might be. Why be insulted when a game offers wider experiences depending how you want to play it.

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This statement is true for any console since he XBox controller is best controller by far I have used.

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Sony is going for the Hardcore console gamer/ PC gamer. They spend to have the best. Sony is going more towards the average gamer who does not care about having the best graphics.

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Those Days are long gone. Got to have you minority and gender quotas now filled before worry of best candidate.

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Always loved the miami setting

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The PS5 is just not as powerful as my current PC. Does not mean I will willl not get a ps5. Im a gamer I do not want to miss any good games. PC are always ahead of consoles as far as power if you keep them upgraded.

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Insecure Much.

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The company I most want to see depart from anyone is Naughty Dog from Sony. Their games are so good they should be made for every console not just one.

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its a phone game. not bad reminds me of N4S no limits

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