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Love my Xbox X and XBox Live. XBOX Live is so superior to any other console online.

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@KickSpinFilter, I so wish that was true. I would not have wasted the time I did on it.

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@Silly gameAr, I love racing games. I bought the PS4 specifically for Driveclub. When it did finally eventually release man what garbage it was.

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Speaking of Garbage their it is. Its beautiful garbage but plays like garbage. Specially when you compare to other racing games released at that time.

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Mad Max was awesome. Highly underrated

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All they do is third person games. they are the best at it.

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Excited for their new games after this on XBox eco system only

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This dev seems to be a damn good pickup will be exclusive to XBOX ecosystem after this game.

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By far the most boring sport of the 3 major American sports.

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TLOU would be mine as well. Never was so happy to finish a game as I was that one. Maybe it was just the abundance of zombie type games but that game I did not enjoy.

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They make great 3rd person games. They are the main reason I own a Playstation.

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150 gigs is a lot to dl it is like 2 hours on my connection.

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I got it on PC so I dont really care about the patch. I wont play it at midnight on launch more like the day so its all good to me.

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@AnubisG, inflation alone would make game prices rise. I sure hope you make more money today than you did 20 years ago. Do you think it costs the same to make a game today as it did 20 years ago.

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@PlayStationBrah, they learned from their mistakes from that awful launch. XBOX is where the best online gaming occurs on consoles. My PS4 was my primary console for the first year when the consoles launched but since year two XBox has been my primary console. PS has great exclusives but its lacking online compared to the superior Xbox Live.

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@AnubisG. Would you rather pay another 20 to 30 bucks per game. MTs keep the prices down. Let others pay more for the games I sure do not want to pay more than I already do for a game.

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@UnSelf, Completely agree. Most people whine about MT for two reasons. They do not have funds or they are mad someone took a shortcut to get the equipment, gear or weapons that they want without grinding that some people did. MT does not hurt the industry in the slightest. It helps keep the prices of games down prices have been the same for a games for over a 2 decades now. Look at the price to go to a movie now compared to 20 years ago. Id rather have the suckers pay for MT than have to pay...

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yeah I loved 1 -3 but 4 sorta alll over the place.

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