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it says ''Guns Through Patch.'' Most likely they will be free.

And charging for Guns? Nothing new, and not a Big deal if the weapons are balanced with the excisting ones. The Enforcer is still weaker than the revolver. See?

''I paid for the ps3 digital version AND season pass AFTER naughty dog lied and said they were'nt gonna make a ps4 version. Then ND refused to give a discount to those of us who at least paid for their season pa...

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Because it has no dedicated games for it. Voice commands are good, but it is not worth purchasing a kinect only for a lazier way to navigate the Xbone UI.

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Like you guys feel special being charged $500-$400 for an Underpowered console that struggles to achieve 1080p.

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Sony is back Baby. All they need is Crash Back, and they are all set. Well deserved success.

The Glorious Days are coming back...
I can feel it...

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Misled? If so, then:

- Titanfall devs should be sued for Titanfall not being the Messiah of FPS

- watch Doge devs should be sued for Watch Doge not having the Next gen gameplay we were promised

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War Has Changed

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I didn't know The getaway 3 got cancelled :O

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Me too Young Sasuke!

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Realistic Facial Capture...


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Entitled People complaining about stuffs that they either don't care or don't need.

Nothing new...

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It always happens on every award show. The Playstation/Xbox Game lists are always filled with non-exclusives games. They should include all Playstation games that are going to be at the show: Driveclub, The Order, LBP3, Uncharted 4, until Dawm, etc...

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Festival of Blood was amazing, so I expect this DLC will be no different.

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Copy + Paste

That's every COD after MW2

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The Multiplayer makes the game worth the price tag. It is also gonna keep me busy until Driveclub and LBP come, and beyond.

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ahahaha. True

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PS4: I have enjoyed my PS4 since launch. Killzone, AC4, Infamous, MLB, Resogun, and etc have given plenty of enjoyment.

Wii U: My Wii U was left colleting dust untill Mario 3D world, DK Tropical freeze came. And after I bought Mario Kart 8, I've beemln giving my wii U a lot of love.

Xbox One: My Xbox One is the one which gets less love. I love Titanfall, but the game has got old. Forza 5 keeps me coming back to the console, but Not for much time. Still an...

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This game will definitely be the highlight of the PS4

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The first time I heard about the Wii U, I knew it was a new console. I had been following the console since it was first called Project Cafe.

I don't undertand how people can get confused by the name? Parents and Grandmas I get it, but how a gamer of my age(23) can get confused so easily

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92 on Metacritic disagrees

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