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I thought it was already decided that Nariko is the female version of Kratos.

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Just made an account LOL.

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How many cliffs could Cliffy B climb if Cliffy B could climb cliffs ?

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Dam, looks pretty slick.

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Meh, I own MW2 for both consoles and they're pretty much the same game.

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@AKiss it was posted here on N4G.
Heres the source

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They said that it's going to change for the final version of the game. They're going to gimp it even more.

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Lol I find it Ironic that MVP baseball 2005 is said to be one of the best baseball games ever made and NFL 2K5 one of the best football games.

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Looks pretty interesting. So can I run a game like Maplestory on it ?
Edit: Btw I imagine that this will come with a hefty price tag.

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Yeah I know but if I'm going to buy a dvd player I might as well buy a Wii. I want to play Super Smash Bros Brawl and Metroid Other M.

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I hope its Wii HD and plays dvds. I need a dvd player for the living room.

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I hope it's Wii HD and DVD support. I bet it's going to be bundled with the new remote that has motion plus.

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Thinking about purchasing Gears Of War 3 in 2011 and I hope to god that the only thing both these games have in common are character models. Quantum Theory is a horrible game.

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I knew I should of brought my camera. I wanted to take a silly picture with one of the Maxim models.

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Can't blame Sony for trying to protect their console. If anyone is to blame here it's the hackers.

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Wow, I might not get the game now that it doesn't work with sniper rifles. I quick scope most of the time I play COD with my friends. Not to mention that most COD montages involve quick scoping.

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yeah, it is. Don't know what the heck ultimate Gohan is.

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Hopefully. Level 5 is opening studios in America and Europe I think.

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May be we'll hear something about it at the Tokyo Game Show.

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