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N' it's as simple as that.

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I'm not too concerned with what R* will do next, I'm sure whatever it is will be worth while. Personally, I'm more concerned, no, concerned isn't the correct word here...anxious. I'm more anxious for the release of GTAIV's release (3 weeks away n' "they" want to know what's next...).

What comes next is just as irrelevant as which console the title will sell more on or which console will benefit more from the release, to me anyway, as the gamer.

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Media sharing is actually the most used feature on my 360. When you only have a 17" monitor and don't feel like converting multiple movies from divx or xvid format to DVD format (which takes about an hour), then burning the movies to DVD's (about another 10 min's each)...that streaming feature comes in very handy, I get to watch all my movies on a larger television set without all the extra work.

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I wouldn't worry. If you looked closely enough you'd notice that in each screen the playable character seems to be, once again, Marcus. Notice the bandana?

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I love this site, all my gaming news wrapped up in a neat package in one place.

Just wish I could comment n' interact w/the "gamers" on here more often.

Anyway, can't wait for the release, they're doing some great things with the UT3 Engine. I'm especially looking forward to the destructible environments, and soft body physics. It's going to be interesting to see how separate difficulty setting for each player in co-op will pan out. I'm not quite underst...

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The original Saints Row was a good game. I enjoyed the customization you could wield over your character and vehicles (2 of the most important objects in the game), and the gameplay was fun. And while I do think THQ is stepping up their game and am liking many of the new features they're incorporating into it's gameplay, such as throwing people and the ability to deck out your place, I doubt I'll be purchasing the sequel due to GTA4, which I do ultimately think will be a better game. But t...

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Good read, but I have to disagree with one point that was made. No matter how much a developer or team member learned from the experience of one game that didn't sell too well or just didn't quite have all the makings to be a great game, it wouldn't make sense to make a sequel. No matter how much the sequel may have improved upon it's predecessor, gamers (imo) would stay away from it n' never give it a shot because of their sour memories or experiences of the sequel's predecessor.

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I'm diggin' the new page zoom feature, n' I've always wanted more controls of my downloads, 'specially if your dealin' wit' torrent files. Anyone know yet if this beta is compatible with the new yahoo mail?

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Personally, I have all the proof I need. I don't need anymore details, screens or trailers. All I need is April 29th and a full day with GTA4.

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Hoping the Condemned sequel is as good as it seems and at least as good as it's predecessor.

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T2 will be OKay, this I've always known. EA's already stated their shareholders wouldn't get a better offer than the $26 a share. So it appears this buyout wont be going anywhere, so long as T2 stands strong. If GTA4 is released and there's still no deal accepted I'm almost positive there never will be one.

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They wont be missed.

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Money talks.

That answers your question. But I agree, without Sony GTA or R* for that matter wouldn't have the success they bathe in Today.

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don't mean to interrupt the whole debate on "M$ paying R* for exclusive content/360 or PS3 ver. will sell more/this will convert a lot of folk on the fence to 360" conversation you all have had goin', but I kinda got bored with it after the first half page. Anyway, fk' the b.s., from a consumer/gamer standpoint, this is exciting news. Whether I have to pay for it or not is of no matter, free is better, but in no way/scenario can I imagine not paying for the extra content. "G...

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Looks great. Also looks like I'll get my in-game hands on a DE.

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Let's see, all of their new album releases are censored. And now I wont even know what games they have in stock because half the games will be covered in black sleeves. Am I getting all of this correct? Now this isn't make or break for myself because I know what I'm buying, particularly when it comes down to 60 dollar new releases. But this will deter many folks, such as many of the gamers in my family, from purchasing any form of media from this retailer. Not everyone rents, downloads d...

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Achievements, imo, are cool. Gives you something to look back on while browsing the dashboard. I can't tell you how many times I've went to my games played n' reflected on some of my past achievements, not only the ones the earn you points, but all of them. For instance, I was playing through F.E.A.R. for the first time n' killed myself 5 times, unlocking a no points achievements. It doesn't give you anything, but it was cool to see.

I never have n' never will play a game sim...

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I don't see why you should get any disagrees, the statement is true.

Anyway, if I'm selling something, I don't think I'd want to sell something my competitors are already selling, makes sense? I think I'd want to offer something a little different. And I think I'd make a lot of money (being the only one offering such a thing), doing it. Gaming is still a business, albeit a fun one. But at the end of the day, the biggest one in business right now is Nintendo.

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I'm not even going to read this article (as I have done as well with all the other "The Wii is done" type articles). Instead, I'm just going to comment on this new trend to speculate that the Wii's success is "done", "over with", or was just a "fad".

This, imo, isn't what gaming is about. I see these articles, particularly on this site, it seems like 3 times daily. I'm not sure why one would insist on "picking on" the most succ...

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Just got back from pre-ordering this game. I simply can't wait. The damage modeling looks a lot better (check out the car chase w/the black car). Lighting looks great, graphics, everything. Just keeps gettin' better n' better. Heck, I haven't even mentioned any of the games features or play mechanics.

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