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foolza fans are getting nervous, "definitive racing sim" haaaaahahahaha!

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for xb!tches, gameplay is suddenly important when they get their ass handed to them in the graphics dept.

remember the gears of war days?

now for the final nail in the coffin, check out the MAG threads where suddenly, it's all about graphics again and how gameplay and 256 players... that stuff is secondary


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not a single of my 360 buddies hasn't had his POS refurbed at least once and many have had it more than twice, many of them actually bought a 2nd 360 cuz the refurbs would fail on them over and over. a couple of my PS3 buddies have had their 60GB launch refurbed, that's it.

you see, i'm even being conservative cuz my gut feeling is that 100% of the pre jasper 360s are destined to complete failure and those sales numbers you c0ck suckas are so found of include massive re-buys like...

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when 360 b!tches start feeling insecure, they activate the fud spreading machine

so it is our gaming citizen's duty to slap them with some well known facts:

RROD: 60%
YLOD: 3%


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you need 2 PS3s:

- 1 for yourself
- 1 to share with your girlfriend for netflix, blurays etc...

now if you're like me, you also own a 2nd hand 360 cuz it makes for a very nice toilet heater xD

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my bad, i was talking about soda :P

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let's be serious here, who would ever think this could be good for games???

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sony is a big icon that attracts the repressed hatred of many losers with internet access in their mom basement

even with my trusty adblock+, i didn't give that site a hit cuz it felt like visiting a 40yo's bedroom with dirty underwear, buggers and 2 months old pubic hair all over his boring blog

thx but no thx soda :P

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[email protected]

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now we know why alan wake has been delayed so much, it happened in a secret meeting room in redmond, something like this:

"have you heard of 'Heavy Rain'?"
"uh? no, haven't looked at the weather, when is that, tonite?"
"no stupid idiot! it's a ps3 exclusive, it's very ambitious, artsy, stylish, risky, CSI-ish, cool and it could make us look like thick morons if we don't find a counter presto: got it??"
"ok ok, lemme think for a...

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guitarded, the butt hurt xtard with a fitting avatard

bwaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha!

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not that impressed?

hahahaha, ali the xb!tch

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yeah, that's what i mean: going directly into the lobby and back into your Home space, do another game, etc... all keeping the party together

that's what Home needs to nail presto.

later on, i could see Home actually taking over as THE standard multiplayer lobby with standardized communication, leader boards, trophy, etc... and games focusing on the actual... gameplay.

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xb!tches have been busy buying there 2nd or 3rd POS360

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the simple fact that M$ is monkeying Home like a chimp after having tried hard to ridicule it is a sure sign that there's something big happening there

the only thing i'm pissed off about home is that we still can't have our party in our space and launch multiplayer games from there like they promised

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and it takes 10-15% of xenon (~115GFLOP) to do that?

i think this video was designed for people who eat sh!t and believe in fairy tales which is perfect for the natal crowd

xbox 360: if you can't run a simple addition, jump in!

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