Xbox One is like the Iron Patriot! Cyclops is like....well you get the picture.


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Wow, this site is hilarious.

why would the ps4 version get a downgrade due to the X1? Did Cod, BF4, Tomb Raider get a downgrade?

And yet MS is going to PAY Square to downgrade FF...think about this for a minute. MS won't pay Activision or EA to downgrade CoD or BF, two of the hottest IP's on Earth...but according to this logic they will for FF.

Absolutely brilliant and a Well Said to boot. Say the most ridiculous thing about MS and y...

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Hilarious, I comment in another thread that Sony may focus on VR and got marked for trolling.

But make a stupid remark about Kinect and this community rewards you with a funny and a bubble.

nope, not a sony site at all.

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No easy answer? Its selling better than the 360, the One is a success and it will only get better with time. Another arm chair analyst casting doom and gloom for the Xbox One. I wonder if he or darkride felt the same way in the first six months of the PS3 release and all the doom and gloom articles that were springing up.

I wonder if Darkride was so adament with those submissions?

Darkride finally got a troll article through after two or three failed attempts...

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I love how sales and boardroom talk concerns and troubles hicken. Lord knows he was out and about on this website preaching that sales dont matter when the Vita was concerned.

And I can garuantee he was livid whenever anyone brought up early ps3 sales.

But all this ship and sales talk really ruffles his feathers when it comes to MS. I bet Joe Consumer worries about this on his way home from work.

I thought you were a gamer Hicken, not some sa...

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What if my connection is bad?

What if I dont have internet?

What if the servers are down?

What about people in the service and troops in submarines?

Hmmmm, trying to remember other sony fanboy excuses that they applied to MS in similar situation.

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Sure Foxtrot, dont get your bias in the way of oogical thinking. Maybe its the fact that multiple sites quote the same interview when a certain person says he's a gamer too.

Naw, that cant be it...its just Shu is a down to earth guy cause I'm sure you partied with him at the local pub and played doorbell ditch when you two were knuckleheads.

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No apology needed. No one cared about the glitches, bugs and terrible gameplay...all that mattered was if the game was 1080p and 60fps.

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Uh oh! Multiplats dont count all of a sudden! They sure did count when Sony released a bunch of old pc ports for ps4.

just like sony fanboys to come into a xbox article and try desperately hard to be a bunch of negative nancy's.

Xbox announces Japanese dev support

sony fanboys: "there all going to be multiplats!"

it's true, sony fanboys dont love their system they just love to hate others.

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Anyone who says anything positive about MS is all PR. But stick a Greatness Awaits in your comment and you get pats on the back and a front seat at the bar.

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Darkride strikes again!

"bu bu bu bu, lets talk about it instead of calling out what an obvious trolling, flamebait articles this is."

Seriously, Darkride, you are the new Maria. At least that person had the decency to be upfront with their extreme trolling. You on the other hand.

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So what kind dof PC's were being used? How will this benifit games? What type of living space is needed? How much will be the cost?

how come no one is asking questions when this TECH DEMO is shown?

Once again sony shows something and N4G stands up and applauds. MS shows a tech demo and no believes it, questions must be asked, and blogs must be written about MS fanboys misplacement of excitment.

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But nobody wants to play old games on their new system right N4G?

the flip flopping continues as the sony defense increases.

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Dont worry it will come in the expansion pack for an extra 50 dollars. Or if this game is FTP you'll pay extra for that privilege.

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Remember when everyone was excited about this game. And certain sony fanboys flocked to Titanfall artciles to say this game is better. And now that we are getting closer to this release and after Titanfall hardly a peep about any excitment in these Destiny articles.

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Sony needs to shut up and just start showing us games.

These guys are on the super hype train and you know it will be dissapointing when the hype dies down.

It's probably all VR gimmick stuff more than likely.

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Waitaminute, you mean it wasn't official yet?

how come we didnt get million stories submitted and the sony fanboys going ape sh*t like when the fcc didnt finalize Xbox One?

n4g is slippin!

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Sony neeeds to stop talking about games and start showing stuff. And not just old indie games that I played on my PC years ago.

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Nobody cares about this game unless the developer is talking about how MS missed out on this game. Then this game gets all the comments on this site.

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Classic sony fanboy comment.

First they cant wait to play it for ps4
second they cant wait because its timed exclusive
third, sony fanboys cant wait for part 2
fourth, sony fanboys will just get the PC version
fifth, sony fanboys dont care because its nothing more than CoD with mechs.

now when they find out its sony's own fault for not securing the game the sony fanboys say, sony didnt need it anyway.

I g...

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I hope sony just doesnt show morpheus VR projects at this years E3. Something tells me they will though and completely forget about the vita and maybe have a few regular games for ps4.

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