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It's similar to the secret sauce "teh cell" which sony used so much last gen. how fast you blind fanboys can forget?

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yes typical sony drone see an ms/xbox article and just need to make a negative comment. You sonbies drink too much sony koolaid. XB1 is here to stay and will kick ps4 same way it did last gen.

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The disagrees shows your ps buddies not liking you liking the xb1. They are so insecure that they will diss even other ps owners. I guess losing half the ps2 market share to 360 last gen is still burning in their souls.

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An article about xbox and suddenly the sony lovers come here foaming in their mouths. For me ps3 and ps4 both are zero. Jumped from ps2 to 360 in 2006 and never looked at anything else.

Same in this gen, xb1 had the best line up of games and like last gen there is a waiting game for ps4. Ps3 games 3 years later and expecting same this gen, sony is all promises and no deliveries.

At least MS tried something new and when saw the negative feedback, reversed thos...

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@xi you haven't played a game in 200+ days since you joined n4g.

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As it goes in schools the bullies are the most insecure people themselves picking on smaller kids than themselves. Here it's the norm now since xbox fans have abandoned this site due to rampant pollution of every article by sony fanboys so these insecure kids can say whatever they feel like about ms console feeling all proud of themselves.

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Have you put your dad's picture as your avatar so you can write dumb comments since it matches with the pic?

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For that matter a pc even top of the range will take few hours to render one frame of an object in a scene let alone a full scene. A typical graphic rendering workstation costs upwards of 4000$ and they would require 100s of them in tandem to render a scene in lesser time.

Either the guy is stupid or ignorant.

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A perma ban should shut you up. Even a hard core fanboy of other platform would not comment and laugh for people losing their jobs.

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@sevir "already selected PS4"

Cuz you only have it. Dont try to make it like you're choosing ps.

Jeez these fanboys will try anything to show negativity towards the other platform. If you're so much in love with your console why you are you so insecure.

I'll stick to my preferred platform.

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Wow look at the comments of the ignorant. I had downloaded the UFC demo about a week back and played it and was never asked to pay anything. Most of the comments are from people who dont' have xb1 and are hater of this console.

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This is yellow journalism show something and it's not actual. I remember back in late 90s the trailers for games were mostly CGI since the actual graphics were not so great. Games like C&C specially had FMV shown in trailers as well and we used to think one day games with at least cgi quality would be available. And even more than 10 years later we are still being fooled by companies showing games on unafforadable hardware while targeting consoles or average PCs.

I r...

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Nice list. Excited at the future of xb1 with july update just around the corner and great franchises on the way. Can't wait.

Btw any actual ingame shots of Scalebound? Trailer is nice but it's all pre-rendered.

@kittie Tnx for nice well laid article.

OFFTOPIC: MPOG makes more sense than nextlevel yet poor guy has 1 bubble and nextlevel just came down from 7 to 5. +bubbs POG.

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Good to be XB1 / 360 owner. Great games, great franchises on the way.

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Then why come in here and mention it here since we all know you're a sony troll?

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Really? Are you selectively blind to any comments sony fans have made here? Did the xbox fans start this power debate or the highly insecure sony fanboys who can't stand anything positive about xb1 and collectively attack every article with positive news about xb.

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Sorry have to disagree, might be fun in a 1 1/2 hour movie but for a game of about 10~20 hours just stealth running / survival will not be fun.

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They are angry cuz the devs are able to show xb1 game at par with ps4. This doesnt sit with them well since they want to avenge last gen where ps3 lost to 360 3/4th of the gen on MP.

What the cell was back for ps3 then is what they are trying to show esram to be for xb1 however they are failing miserably and are resorting to nonsense tactics.

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Same as last gen when ps3 had bad MP games for 3/4th of its life cycle. Remember the execuses devs are lazy, the cell requires time to understand and it will rise and blow 360 out of the field etc etc.

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LMAO...well said

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