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How can you call it sloppy. Microsoft are one of the biggest firms in IT/Computing in the world. This is a company that has amazing security. If anything, being able to bring them down for 3+ hours is enough to for praise.

Not only this, the attack was carried out in regards to 'always-online' which has done pretty well in proving a point.

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Or MS completely disregarded the warnings about card details and where as Sony brought the service down to stop the compromise, microsoft have decided they will just risk it, to get online quicker.

Meaning some hackers could be sat on a bunch of card details and microsoft aren't giving a shit about it. Not only that but going back up so quickly(when according to the hackers DOS was part of the attack) they have left exploits open for hackers who may decide to re-visit.

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Just because it didn't go down (as in all services). Doesn't mean it wasn't hacked. According to them anonymous members that carried out the attack, they used a huge botnet attack. Meaning the traffic would have caused a DOS.

Which makes sense considering the ability to sign-in/send messages etc was lost, not just to some people, to hundreds of thousands by the way.

The worrying part is the anonymous members who carried this out gave a warning a...

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It appears this has made the front page a little late.

Only 16 teams are left now and the UK fariko are out. However the US fariko team are storming the championship. Tonight they're due to take on Optic which is going to be crazy!

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I think bigger still means the PS4 will be announced.

However announced along side the intended use of gaikai, which i'm hoping comes loaded with all(or around 80%) of PS1/PS2/PS3 titles.

Meaning it has backwards compatibility and allows all 'Sony' devices to stream these games, so the vita has them.. your sony laptop has them etc. Which would give them a great advantage over the nextbox and also a new source of income, PS+ people coul get it fre...

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I agree. It's not even the correct 'xbox' font. Also the '8' font doesn't match the windows or xbox font either. Looks really unprofessional.

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It's clearly fake too. It has the rumored specs.. The devkits never have the exact same specs as the released product.

This guys is going to take that 20k and pull the money from his paypal straight to his bank account and close his ebay/paypal acc's for some easy money.

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Tbh it's awful, it barely tops PSP graphics. It has 6 story levels.. 6!! Which are literally shooting waves of enemies.

Multiplayer is OK.. but has a low player count(Vita needs full multiplayer support).

To top this, it's edge who have a habit of giving low review scores.

I'd give it a 4/10 to be honest but hey. It is pretty awful but it plays decently. I regret spending £40 on it.

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How is this an accident?.. PS all-stars is a cross buy game?

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Wow.. i can't lie it seems like this guy is angry.

I've been playing Blops 2 since 3 days before the launch(got it early). I have had two full console frezes, once in the MP menu and second switching to the zombies.

Other than that, i've actually found this to be the most stable COD so far, a lot less server issues(it had a game disconnect issue that lasted a few hours before treyarch dealt with it swiftly).

The only other thing ...

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You were probably one of the guys going into games with a full party and trapping them in a corner the whole game, racking up 300+kills

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They didn't get reset for early players on MW3 :/

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Proven fake by a gaming site that has no credibility

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People don't understand big sites like IGN were paid to review it good. The halo 4 early review copy contract was posted online and the contract stated they weren't allowed to review it below 9.5 until after it releases..

Obviously these sites want to be the first for the traffic so it was rated highly because it had to be, his review may not have been fair however the others may not be legit..

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You still need to manually install updates with PS+.

It just tells you it has downloaded one when you turn the system on.

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4.5gb is 'big' i got the game saturday though, it takes less than 5 minutes.

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The bad ending was easy to see without another play through, re-load a save close by and play out the last scene by doing/not doing a certain thing :)

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Bethesda = Publisher.

Arkane = Developers.

That's why this game hasn't been riddled with bugs. Also as a journalist you should know the difference.

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They should buy these guys and drop nihilistic software

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@Dlacy13g how is it problematic with your currnt set up?.. How much of a tight space is your ps3 in?..(you really shouldn't have game consoles tight at all) and despite thise being a top loader it slides left rather than flipping up

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