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These are some great additions to the service!

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"Boldly Go Where We Have Never Gone Before"


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I'm interested in purchasing this game, but I won't do it until al the features have been implemented and the bugs have been ironed out. Which likely means at least 6-12 months from now. By then it will probably be worth the discounted price.

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"we want to own our games..."

I believe what you meant to say is, "I want to own my games", which is totally cool. But you don't speak for everyone.

I don't collect, replay or sell my physical copies of games. I typically play a game once and then give it to my nephews/nieces or donate it to a less fortunate individual. Lately I find myself leaning toward the convenience of digital and the varie...

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So, if you sold Dead Space one month after its release for 2/3 of what you paid for it (approximately $75 including tax) your expenditure is $25. If the same title was on Gamepass it would be a better deal to sign up, because a one-month subscription to Ultimate is only $14.99 and it also gives you access to hundreds of games

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@ Kornholic

There is no rule that states one must keep their Gamepass subscription in perpetuity. A four-month subscription to Gamepass costs less than a single copy of Dead Space and it includes access to hundreds of titles. If Dead Space was added to the service and you wanted to play this game, then the decision to sign up would make total sense.

Access to hundreds of titles PLUS Dead Space for four months costs less than a retail copy of the game, how...

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I feel the same way about the original Psychonauts. I gave it a shot every few years, and it just wasn't for me.

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I understand that the original game is held in high esteem by some passionate fans. I tried to get into it on several occasions and I just lost interest after a few hours of gameplay.

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I see that you revised your original statement after you went back and read the article. Good on you for admitting that you may have overreacted, but why would do you feel the need to make a knee-jerk reaction in the first place? It's crazy to me that there are gamers who are so opposed to "the competition" that they are immediately compelled to denigrate any news coming from the opposition, even if their own statements make them appear ignorant.

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I was going to make the same car analogy until I read your comment. I agree 100%, most people aren't going to spend over $500 on an alternative gaming console just because their preferred choice is out of stock.

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I appreciate the responses that I've received. Unfortunately, not one of the stores that were recommended have Xbox Series X consoles in stock (and only 1 store has Series S). Granted, I did not specify that I was looking for a Series X, but I assumed that was the understanding since they are the most sought-after Xbox console.

If anyone has information on a store that actually has a Series X consoles in stock, then please pass it on.

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Let's assume that this rumor is true, just for the sake of argument.

Microsoft is willing to expend more capital and thus cut profitability to meet the demand for their product. They are prepared to produce consoles at a higher manufacturing cost just to satisfy their user base and gain ground on their competition.

How exactly is this "scummy and cancerous"?

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In my experience the availability, particularly on Amazon, has been sporadic at best. It's only been within that past week or so that we've seen SOME online retailers with consistent stock, and those units tend to sell out within minutes.

It goes without saying that the available units tend to be Series S consoles. Series X are still very difficult to find.

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Name 5 stores in your area (provide name of the city/town) that have Xbox Series consoles in stock right now. I'll call them to confirm the inventory status and back up your claim. It should be easy for you since the Xbox consoles are "sitting on shelves everywhere".

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Grow up.

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I still have an unopened copy of Guardians of the Galaxy sitting on my shelf. Game Pass is really making it difficult to justify purchasing physical media, particularly for people such as myself who aren't collectors and/or don't replay games.

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I've never even heard of any of these games.

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"Not sure where I said that but ok bro."

You specifically focused on Microsoft in your comment while ignoring similar business strategies adopted by their competitors. Your wording makes your comment a bit dubious and one-sided, particularly your use of the pejorative moniker "M$", which is a common slander favored by the ant-XBOX fanboy crowd. It's not a stretch to assume that you are blaming the transition from physical media to digital on Microsof...

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It's not just a Microsoft strategy. There is not a company in existence that prefers physical media over digital. If you think so, then you're just lying to yourself.

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I'm pretty sure that they down-voted you because you said that the game "looks interesting". Didn't you know, there's no positivity allowed on N4G... particularly when talking about anything related to Xbox.

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