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its sad...laptops are over priced. you cant argue this...i have recently built a pc myself and i assembled the pieces from multiple sites (including tigerdirect,ncix,canada computers to name a few) and its specs easily top this laptops. the price with tax and shipping...2184.72. im sorry but im not willing to pay 5000 more for a mobile pc. hell, i even bought a carry case for my tower since its one of the newer aluminum ones. the lesson today...laptops are overpriced. go with a desktop, save ...

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This game was the reason i bought a wii. i know that sounds somewhat stupid but everyone out there has a game that they truly love. for me, its the Smash Bros series. it is easily the most fun I've ever had with a fighting game (I've played alot from Killer Instict to the Tekken series) but none of them have ever offered the depth smash has. now i know that may spark some distaste for me but playing a 4 person fighter is very, very different from playing a 2 player one. And as for the control...

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it seems your a little stuck on graphics.......but let me tell you, its not the graphics that launched Final Fantasy into gaming history. its the amazing game play, amazing story lines and the awesome character customization. i played the original alot it although your right, the graphics are dubbed down, they certainly are not bad enough to make a comment like that. im sorry that your gonna miss out on a good game just because the graphics dont meet your expectations. ive been around since t...

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Starcraft was an amazing game, that i myself put huge amounts of time into. whether it was a quick game with a friend or a nice 2vs6 (man that was a fun time eh jessman)this game may have been the first game that "hooked" me into never ending daily play. i am extremely happy to hear that this game will not have its name tarnished by morphing from its RTS roots to the new gaming hype that is known as MMO. so here's to new races (for anyone who beat the secret mission in brood war, if...

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this game was money well spent. i have devoted quite a bit of time to it and like my fellow gamer above me this game presents the whole "just one more quest" mentality which is what makes this game addictive. and yeah the bejeweled aspect adds a bit of a challenge due to the randomness ( the computer gets 4 in a row far to often....) but thats what makes this game great. i recommend it to anyone who has looked to take casual gaming further, and to any die hard rpg fans out there. th...

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it depends on how you classify "the competition". the Wii appeals to a vastly different market and as such has been doing very, very well for itself. this does not change the fact that when all is said and done, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are "competing" for consumers all the time, and Nintendo went with the smart choice: try and appeal to the vast majority of the public, not just gamer community. so yes i can see why people say they don't compete with Sony or Microsoft ...

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but you dont know what your missing...gaming has never been more fun and im a Wii60 owner...360 is awesome but for pure fun its Wii all the way...but i do agree that they should certainly know how to treat a lady

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when the new mario and smash bros is released this system is gonna sell through the roof...watch and see.

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but trust me...its no gimmick...im 21 and games have never been so addictive and ive never been so hooked. not only that but its not just me...my grandmother even wanted to give it a shot the first time she saw it and played my father in a round of golf. and yeah as for the ppl throwing them around...its fun to really get into the game(tennis etc) but for games like zelda and MUA i just chill out and use basic movements...and ive had no problems so far :)

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i bought my wii at launch...and have played it 2-4 hours a day whenever i get the chance. ive never even had a close call with releasing the controller and im ranked pro in 4 of the 5 sports avaliable (damn you golf!!!) but not only this but ive got 2 younger brothers who are always dying to play. As of yet (knock on wood) neither one of them has had a close call with letting the remote go...although the 6 year smacked the 12 year old in the back of the head in a game of tennis one day....ahh...

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this looks like a photoshop job to me...or thats some really really cheap plastic

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theres no way Zelda didnt make the Wii top 10....thats just wrong...seriously!

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i have tried saving at boths points and i didnt get stuck (saving after the the bridge falls and in the cannon room) just thought id let you all know...btw....friggin kick A$$ game

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i picked a wii up at launch...and i have been having a blast with it...man the boxing gets nuts and me and my friends havent been able to put it down. At my office a bunch of the guys are having a lan party within the week and the hot topic isnt the new pc titles or even GOW (we all own it hahaha) It's everyone excited for the 3 guys (myself being one of them) Bringing their Wii for some crazy gaming. now im not gonna go on a rant saying which system is better etc.. but ppl dont seem to reali...

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Im gonna be honest...i waitd in the cold for 3 hours yesterday and i got my revolution on launch. it was easy to set up and i soon had 3 friends come over who wanted to try it out. 2 of them being girls were sketchy at first bt once they picked up the controllers they had a great time with Wii sports. the other guy (my best friend) is a strong PS3 supporter however really wantd to see how it played. He is now addicted to Wii boxing...to any doubters, let me assure you the Wii is awesome.

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i have to admit im not likeing alot of those but i will have to buy 2 docking stations...thats friggin sweet

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but this game doesnt need it...i think nintendos point they're stressing with the Wii is gameplay not graphics. this game certainly looks good enough for me to enjoy and with the amazing story and brand new control scheme this game will be a huge success

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every review ive read so far have re-assured me the control scheme of the Wiimote works amazing. being the Gamplay over Graphics kinda guy i am this has sold the Wii for me...not to mention all the extras and games i cant wait to play

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look man, your intitled to your opinion but come on...there are alot of ppl who want the Wii and some who dont. I myself view it as something totally new providing us the gaming community with a fresh way to enjoy our videogames. i have always been a gameplay over graphics kinda guy (i mean Starcraft, Best RTS out there period)so the Wii is perfect for me. If it doesnt interest you thats fine, just know that there are many many ppl out there it does interest...and bszelda i be there with ya a...

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im one of those ppl who are buying it on launch...a fresh way to play...exactly what ive been needing =]
and again i state cant wait for SSBB

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