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And what your saying is just your opinion, right, now I understand what your saying.

And all of Sony’s good studios could make rubbish games this gen, let’s just put it out there as you are being silly.

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I can seeing it helping Sony more releasing it in a poor state.

MS have the best driving and cover shooter franchise's on consoles, Rare look like they are making an interesting game at last, even Sea of Thieves turn into a really great game, now there’s a game that needed another 12 months, and you have Ninja Theory, Playground and Obsidian who will deliver the goods this gen. I can see people wanting to play the above Studios games.

The future is m...

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Forza surpassed it a long time ago.

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I don’t think it’s painful, definitely the correct decision and hopefully worth the wait.

The good thing for the SX is that the PS5 hardly has anything worth getting on launch, it’s line up looks piss poor, so it’s not so bad as it could have been and all the multi platform games will perform better on the SX, some of the 3rd party exclusives and timed exclusives look interesting, there will be enough to keep gamers happy.

The PS4 released with poor launc...

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The best decision, it would have been worse if it had been released in its current graphical form.

How many times was the last of us 2 delayed, it happens to the best studios.

The gameplay looked solid and the games probably finished, just more time for some spit and polish and make it look next gen.

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This is good news

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I think it’s great for households that don’t have a 4k TV but still want to experience next gen performance at 1080p, a good entry point.

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Deadpool would be cool

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You are underestimating the competition and thinking they are just a service provider and too easily dismiss their advantages.

Rare for the first time actually have an exciting prospect of a game which looks interesting, things have changed with MS which we will see next gen.

Also having the most powerful console at the start of the gen is a huge statement which helped PS4 have a great start even though the X1 had the better games for over all for the fir...

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MS investment in first party studios makes them more appealing this time around, they have some nice 3rd party exclusives and timed ones, their services are better than the competition, all 3rd party games will perform better, they have a more powerful console at the start of the gen this time, they won’t be more expensive than the competition. Backwards compatibility is much better and all your xo accessories are compatible.

I do like the design of Sony’s new controller, s...

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Depends on for how long and how much people want the game, it’s certainly not going to hurt.

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The gameplay looks solid, the graphics are acceptable, let’s hope the story and missions are good.

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This would make so much sense right now.

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Great game so far.

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Of course but I wasn’t impressed with Sony’s show, it had some expected big hitters that failed to impress, most of the games looked like Pro versions, nothing jaw dropping.

The biggest problem is the Unreal Tech demo was more exciting than both shows put together, now that looked next gen.

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At least it was better than Sony’s lame ass show.

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