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I paid the preorder price and regret it. bungie made us lose all our progress with promises that it would be a better destiny when it was a flat out nerf. specials? Nerfed! Grenades? Nerfed! Exotics? Nutered to hell.Raid armor? No raid specific buffs. Prestige rewards? A pat on the back.

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I'll be waiting for that $20 small package Capcom has when it's discounted.

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Differences in Franchises. You have people who love Star Wars and they tried to play games with them.

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I can only sum this up to "You only kiss my cheek to finger my..." that trick only works once on a smart person.

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Microtransactions in 2017 have gone too far for too long. There needs to be a middle ground.Paying $60~$99 for a game and then being forced to either pay money or grind hours upon hours to achieve the same result is just wrong. I think Day one purchases are clearly not worth it anymore and gamers as a whole need to vote with their purchasing power rather than their mouths. Of course they will re-release microtransactions after a quick revamp and people will sir gladly throw money at it! Its ...

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I can see it now,
ps 5 60fps 4K
Ps 4 pro 30fps 4k
Ps 4 30fps 1080

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People complained that cartridges were better than CDs when it came to loading. PCs were so much trouble!
Then they complained that CDs were better than waiting for those hard drive installations on PCs.
Finally consoles are bonafied PCs with a custom made O/S requiring the same or more for less the price.

Considering people replace their smartphones on a two year cycle we all can afford a three year cycle.
Bet those 4K tv sales are going up!

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indeed, both options are best. I prefer everything subbed.

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About damn time. This looks like a game with serious depth. There are plenty of 3d versions of dbz around a
Already so we needed this!

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If true this means people should just stop buying from them. Hit em in the pockets.

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Can't wait to hear the words.....say it! TRUE 4K gaming!

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Love the down votes you get on here.
You state that you want the BEST version multi platform games (numbers dont lie)
Then You will get the pro for the exclusives. (Good choice)
Smart all around but then you get these downvotes?
Talk about trying to gaslight...

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I will be sure to visit before it ends! The food is not that great and of course over priced like most theme restaurants in Japan but the experience is not bad.

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They know they will make money and that's why they are holding off on its release.
Most big Japanese companies are in the business of keeping people employed rather than laying them off.
(exception is Nintendo of Korea)
I am sure they have a road map on releases to insure they stay in the black for years to come.

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Parity with destiny 2 might have been possible if there was not a PC version coming out.
Native 4k should not even be spoken at this time.
From all of the up votes on pro sony and the down votes for Microsoft it's obviously a lot of bias here or a clique.

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Graphics graphics graphics. That's the war cry we cry out when we hit the drums.
There are limits and that's related to cash. Not everyone has a 1.5 version of a ps4 or xbox one.
Alienating the majority to please a minority of gamers who can afford the TV and Console would be
A mistake and They all know this.
Run those 60fps numbers with or without graphics.
People will complain that the game is not optimized or it was crappy programming ...

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With the PC game being on battlenet one would think that they have any cheating issues as an afterthought.
This US vs Them game is so old. gamers are gamers. Most likely microsoft will have cross platform play.

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smart business move. blizzard players will get exposed to some Destiny 2 ads and take a chance.

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Atonement after taking your hard earned cash? What's the world coming to these days when we use wording like this?
Making something right is giving back the money you took for a mediocre product, not asking for more.

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It's not a bad game. That being said, there is nothing wrong with waiting until the price drops and the game gets bugs worked out. I for one only noticed some slowdown at certain points. Plenty of games out there to play in the meanwhile.

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