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Highly doubt that this is a Silent Hill game, the trailer just didn't do much to make it seem intriguing enough. After setting up the bar with P.T. being revealed as Silent Hill, this would be a boresome attempt. There is definitely going to be quite a few broken hearts over this. Although, I hope to goodness I am wrong as I too have been longing for a SH revival, more specifically of what Kojima was making in the first place.

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Likewise, Raiden for me is the biggest miscast. But waiting to reserve final judgement till I've seen the movie. Jeff Meek alongside Lambert portrayed Raiden the best.

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Ugh, thanks to that Jim Tyrant

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Agreed, he needs to go! Ever since the first day I heard him talk about PS and its future I had the sinking feeling this guy is gonna ruin the PS brand. He does not care at all about consumers/ fan-base. I know it's a business but you need to be mindful of your fans to some degree just like his predecessors and try to balance both aspects of the venture. This guy is quite frankly; out of touch, even from business standpoint he may leave things in shambles as time goes by.

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Agreed. There's enough space up on the blue PS4 label to put console pertinent information there, sort of to complement it; you know the game being a PS4 title but it can also be upgraded to PS5.

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I do see clear improvement in visuals for GT7, specifically regards to lighting. A good lighting goes a long way to complement realistic aesthetics. And quite honestly we're past those days when graphics evolution was a night and day difference (similar to generational leap from PS1->PS2->PS3 etc), now it's like a shift from day to mid-noon hehe. But improvements noticeable nonetheless.

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What?! No! Really?!

Seriously this isn't a surprise, they barely did justice to RE3 from the beignning so any thought of future support with more costumes or variations or even some tweaks to gameplay (specifically thinking of Nemesis mechanics) was already lost on when game was released. With such lackluster release, it's no wonder there won't be any support. Capcom should be ashamed for treating RE3 fans with such indifference and using RE3r as a stepping ston...

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Cheers for being the voice of humanity, mate!

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If there were a new Portable Playstation, I would buy one in a heartbeat!

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Here's hoping for Dino Crisis and/ or Legacy of Kain. Both of them are long-shots sadly.

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Now release Dino Crisis and see it go up further!

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Exactly, I don't want Capcom rushing it or giving it to that half-assing company M-two who released a rushed bare bone RE3 remake.

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Release the damn Dino Crisis remake already Capcom!

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Exactly, while a solid game it does not hold up too well with previous two remakes solely because they rushed it, cut lot of content and gave action too much focus. Even the original didn't have this much action. And I agree with the rest, they completely botched up Nemesis' threat and menace and made him a scripted enemy. Mr. X feels more threatening than him now and it's nauseating for me to say that, since Nemesis is supposed to be infamous tyrant who scares you stiff after all...

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All right then, let Mortal Kombat begin!

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I know eh, one would think this would be a "no duh" sort of an affair but astonishing it hasn't been done yet. I'm hoping it is soon and that it not solely restricted to official themes etc, but they should also allow full customization of menu and icons etc. It would really help make things unique for each person.

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Sony has track record for more diverse and high quality output and that's a fact, MS does not, not to that degree. Their rep for exclusive games is monotonous at best, multiplat games don't count. Sony has more credibility here.

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I'd rather Sony got those IPs as opposed to MS. Sony has more history with those IPs and what can I say, their creative outlook/ or output is lot more appealing than MS. I don't mean to diss MS, but it's simply an impression of theirs I have that doesn't make me confident in their ability to do well with these IPs.

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Well if they can work out a Spidey MCU deal I am confident they can pull this miracle too, really want Silent Hills to be released! Hopefully Kojima is working on it

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