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did they expect it to play like a whole new console? it is just a new design, wifi and bigger hdd.

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i'd say EA and ubisoft tied today each showing 1 really good game dead space 2 and GRFS.

edit: look 360 fangirls disagree all you want i'm not going to add M$ they sucked get over it. :)

i'm not saying that there wasn't other good games just that there were only 2 really big games shown today. lots of those games you listed no one cares about.

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keep crying little girl. :)

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there is alot of things in that game that look like copies(nano suits, the robots look like metal gears, the sniper looks like the helghast sniper etc). at least it looks good and finally got to see something good.

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lol 360 fanboys will try and spin anything no matter how dumb they look.

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i guess 3D isn't a gimmick anymore huh 360 fanboys? it seems everyone is following sony's lead. this is without question the best thing shown so far but with all the let downs that have been shown it really isn't to hard to be the best.

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really M$? -_-

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all the bad kinect news must be like getting kicked in the nuts for the 360 fanboys they put so much hope into it.

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most 360 fangirls are to embarrassed to comment others like yourself are too dumb to realise you look like any idiot still trying to defend MS.

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someone seems cranky that their favorite company did nothing but fail today.

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sony will top MS by just showing up their conference was one of the worst ever and i can't see any company doing worst.

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it wouldn't matter if sony showed only move because they already have shown kz3, socom4, lbp2 and infamous 2 they already won E3 anything else is extra.

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how is it bad for sony? they have more 3D games, 3D tvs and movies. did you think they would be the only ones with 3D? they are just the ones as usual to bring the industry new tech. what is really funny is like i said yesterday 360 fanboys are back tracking and are now into 3D you guys are the biggest clowns i have ever seen.

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you won't hear sony or sony fans act like it is exclusive because we have brains and know that anything on more then one console isn't exclusive.

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yup. :)

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you were shocked it looked like gears 2? gears 2 looks like gears 1 you should of expected this.

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after weeks of saying wait for E3 they have something big to counter all of sony's announcements just to have it blow up in their face like always we won't be seeing the 360 fanboys for awhile.

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i will ignore the truth just because a ps site said it because they are evil.

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the best console graphics ever, 91 on metacritics and winner of best fps of 09 on most sites beating halo and cod it is the perfect combination of graphics and gameplay. you being a 360 fanboy it is no surprise you can't tell what quality is.

sorry buddy nothing on the 360 matches the best on the ps3. get over it kid no matter how much you tell yourself the 360 is good it isn't. the last couple of years have all had ps3 exclusives win goty...

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this conference was the worst i have ever seen with all the games sony has shown already anything at E3 is overkill.

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