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@Bathyj see that’s the thing I don’t care about how many good games you release still doesn’t excuse bad customer service. You think customer service is just releasing good games but it’s not lol .. Say what you want about Microsoft’s exclusive output their customer service is great. It’s was abandoned so soon because it was released 4 years ahead of the 360 and 5 for the PS3 , how much longer could you support a vastly underpowered machine especially at that time ?? Lol be forreal .. the PS2...

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Lol your only saying that because you don’t get to try it out for yourself , gaming sucks when you tie your nuts to just one platform .. glad I own all three

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@Profchaos bro I’m starting to thinking most of PlayStation only fans have to be under 18 .. since the inception of Sony they made countless dumb mistakes , anti consumer practices to cash a quick buck , closed studios , and many countless nonsense lol .. they literally make players have to rebuy legacy games even if you already own the disc.

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Sold and shipped are two different things ..

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@Crows games don’t stay on the service all that times , they come and go. It’s not hard to believe , exactly how I found out about Subnautica I bought both games while they were still on GP.

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I’ve been having fun with it to , I just downloaded Perfect Dark .. being able to play both like the old days are so fun , I wish Nintendo didn’t pull that BS and we would of had online MP

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Lol y’all mad shit , people really that dumb and think just because a game is on gamepass you can’t purchase it ..

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@Everton who said Xbox gamers aren’t making purchases because of gamepass?? You can still purchase those games it just would be discounted along with the DLC. I’ve bought plenty of games through the service , even games I would have never even tried if it wasn’t for gamepass.

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I’m glad I own both so I can enjoy every game that comes out ..

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@Soulwarrior Callisto has it flaws but it’s still a pretty decent game. Currently swapping through both , both are great games. DS definitely has its flaws to tho I ran across a couple bugs that’s were pretty hilarious.

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@Crow if it more consoles in the wild , it obvious it would sell more on that console. It’s not about it being more popular on PlayStation, it’s just more people have PlayStations.

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@Crows you’re wrong Microsoft aren’t stupid , they know it’s financially feasible to keep it on PlayStation. They’re not going to throw away hundreds of millions, they would rather actually keep it on. What I feel like it’s Sony not wanting to put that money right into Microsoft’s pocket. Who really wants to help fund their competition??

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Is it on PlayStation or Switch ? No it’s not .. how my many PS5 Exclusives are going to PC now ??

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@Wilkid that’s exactly what it is , the switch has the online multiplayer. Which sucks but I’ll take the game anyway ,

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@curtain that’s not a delusion lol that’s you not using your brain ..

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Except the RROD effected consoles wasn’t counted towards a sale. They just replaced your motherboard and sent it back , how do they count that as a sale ?? You can know how they got that number by using common sense. If theres not enough Xbox consoles on the market to cover that number , obviously the rest would be PC users. What’s deceptive about that ? It would be the truth. It’s people who wasn’t so cheap and trying to always take advantage, you wouldn’t have an inflated number with people...

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@DarXyde who would be at fault for that inflation ?? Would it be Microsoft or the people who constantly making new accounts to take advantage of $1 ? Microsoft can’t deny anybody for taking advantage of that deal , except obviously if you already redeemed it.

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Across all platforms that gamepass is available on , that seems like an accurate number. It’s definitely a whole shitload of PCs out there on top of Xbox Ones and Series consoles would add up to 120 million.

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Lol I don’t think they need their help for anything , it’s more fact since Sony is so vocal against the deal show up in court to plead your case or shut up. They can’t now say that Microsoft wouldn’t cut them a good deal , everything will be out in the open. Including what ever deal Microsoft proposed to Sony.

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Crackdown problem was non of the games were ever great to begin with so I never had faith in that series anyway , the first was pretty ok that’s about it. They definitely need this game and others to be good.

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