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#1. PS3 Informer
#2. PRO Sony
#3. SDF
#4. PS3 support site
#6. FEAR Game Changer
#7. World is excited
#8. Industry is excited
#9. Most gamers think it's cool even more so with casuals
#10. Western devs love it but more importantly Japanese devs love it and express excitement not seen in development since I can't remember.(paybacks for TGS being more exciting to the Japanese dev community than anything being offered by the com...

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How was he able to drive so out of control yet still be in control? The game needs a physics upgrade.

@droid and bot

No one is trying to downplay GT5 he's saying the game is not on par with it's competition. Everybody knows PD delayed the game because the devs were exposed to the competition first-hand around and during TGS. Not to mention they were probably hearing the feedback from media that were exposed to GT5 and its competition. What PD tells t...

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You always doubt it even if the people playing both games at TGS say Forza feels like its simulation is superior to GT5 lol.

Should we believe people playing both games or somebody trying to win over points from PS3 fanboys? http://www.destructoid.com/...

It's not TURN10 that said Forza 3 can be released anytime and then delays the game f...

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Actually the RAGE engine and whatever engine the game Brink uses are up there with CryEngine 2

Framework 2.0 and the Alan Wake engine are powerful too.

Like to see what the X-Engine will be offering could Halo Reach be one of the first games that uses this inhouse engine?


The BRINK game uses modified id Tech 4

"Noticed you going on about Brink several times"

People were blown away by it at E3(behind c...

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" Forza 3 might not quite boast the same visual refinement as the forthcoming Gran Turismo title"

Thats not what people are saying that has been at TGS and played both. It is *TheSixthAxis* after all. I'm surprised they admitted GT5 was delayed because of Forza 3(in a Pro Sony sort of way)

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What's up with the PS3 damage control? People play both at TGS and say Forza 3 won over GT5 plus GT5 being delayed you guys go ape sh*t?

Sony delayed Gt5 because of Forza 3 get over it.

Forza'a tracks/environments and gameplay spanks GT5p and GT5

"While both games look great on the track, Forza's demo featured a polish that Gran Turismo 5's lacked. The rocky hillsides and lush greenery easily showed up the bland, almost clinical-looking cityscape of...

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Very pretty game with surprisingly good looking action.

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Why in the hell would people buy shift with forza 3 around the corner gamers don't have money as it is. Agreed.

Whenever the 360 has an exclusive and a 3rd party dev has a game in the same genre the PS3 version always outsells the 360 version of that multi plat, at least at first.

It's too bad they worked so hard on it *but* what were they thinking going up against Forza 3? http://www.lensoftruth.com/......

Desperate bot? the PS3 version is inferior lol. Your disagree comment is moronic, you think PS3 fanboys are getting disagrees fast? what about the 360 fans that have more and got them faster? idiot

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I see the reviewers with nothing to lose are releasing their reviews.

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Why is this average game that is so old keep being brought up? Is it because one version has had a year's worth of changes and improvements?

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No it's simply inferior. It's a good thing the credible sites posted the truth first before the PS3 fans posted false comparisons with BS conclusions blatantly false/a lie/biased/damage control, Like (Lost Planet 2, Ghost Busters/DMC4 etc)

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As always...


No I'm saying as always.

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"GamingSucksNow - 36 minutes ago

4.2 -
Yes Gears, Too Human, and Section 8, are highly complex, oh and the stories ar New York Times worthy.

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Cherry picking games are we? Did your rabid ass see my comment as pro Xbox?

I would Say that Gears and those other games you mentioned offer more than running around using canned animation attacks with characters that lo...

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But if they were super excited about the PS3 wand it would be all good? lol

Has nothing to do with motion this has been happening for ages they were simply making games that do not appeal to consumers in this day and age. Western game got complex gameplay wise and more grounded story wise. Movies, Music, TV shows are they same.

Fringe or Twilight zone?
The Dark Knight or The Rocketeer?
Music from the 80's or Music of today?

The Japanese never...

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Maybe you should show they something on Blu-ray that will get them excited? lol

Should devs not support PS3 because of the old tech *RSX*?

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