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Thats pretty damn good i know xbox would do well for for RT due to cores. It just shows that ps5 can really punch above its weight! Expecially ps5 having 36cu

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Whats the point of all this just for one game! Waste of a show tbh

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Ahh ok gotcha i fought there were both remaster

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Summit is off with the series x version? For an old game looks like sony version spouts higher resolution textures

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Yeah i noticed it but thankyou anyways i was just saying that if it was the same as xbox i wouldnt pay 9.99 when xbox got it free :-) but 9.99 for a quite a fair upgrade seems reasonable

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If i pay 9.99 for full upgrade for ps5 compared to the xbox then fair enough but if it was just similar to the xbox version then i wouldnt pay 9.99 when xbox got it free

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I would them to do another command and conquer Renegade. Call it battlefield Renegade imagine nukes or chronosphere would be amazing on the new battlefield engine

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You sure about sony knows what there doing? Jim Ryan is pretty much Fking sony over and doing nothing in my opinion. Theres more people getting stakes on other companys that sony could of easily acquired. But no jim ryan does sod all aslong as hes in charge still sony is gonna become a sinking ship

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Aslong as the story and gameplay is excellent i keep an eye on this. As for graphics i get the old skool dead space doom 3 vibe which i liked

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I think its right for sony to buy atleast a publisher. No offence 14 studios to 23 studios that Microsoft now have. And its to the point where Microsoft can say F U and make all there games exclusive to there platform. Screwing over the fanbase that either plays on sonys or Nintendo machines. Its just a matter of time. So there for i think sony should buy. Atleast they have something to counter offer

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No below the xbox version

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Title is misleading u mean the ps5 install size less then series x as ps5 may sit at 27.5gb while series x sits at 35gb

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Do you see jesus fucking christ?

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No 128 player! plus the more mayhem the better!

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Well of course they could of been brought but they just stated that the rumour thats been going around isnt true and that was Microsoft buying techland

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The same bullshit thats been spread about sony buying square enix

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Until we get more concrete details of the cpu and gpu its all speculations. For what we see in games 120fps mode runs better on ps5 is it because the ps5 cpu is more free to use compared to series x? I just wait and see for more details

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If it goes well on this sony could look into this further down the line and since these are former devs of mario kart this could potentially make mario kart a contender

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Holy damn day one! I love turok

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Sony never had more studios ms had 15 why sony had 13

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