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to me it's the only stand out game this gen.

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A MP focused melee game is too hard to do well tbh was always going to struggle.

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Yes, Yes it does.

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Titanfall 2 takes a dump on both of them tbh.

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BF has ALWAYS been a MP focused game buying BF solely for a SP experience is nothing but a terrible idea.

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the TR reboots are near carbon copies of Uncharted yet one is overrated and the other not? Funny thing about that is they both are.

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Rising storm 2 Vietnam is looking good nothing like it on consoles.

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@zb1 your issue is thinking there are no PC only games that are good. The total war series is just as good as anything consoles push out, The vast number of great strategy titles on PC. Arma series is capable of being modded to a point you have multiple different games from one, the variety in shooters on PC compared to consoles is incredible from arcade to mil sim. Then there is the plethora of multi-platform games that are better on pc and the amount of games available to you on PC makes co...

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the problem with this list is it's meant to be 10 most disappointing not 10 worst games. Most of these are disappointing not necessarily awful games like Division isn't one of the worst games of 2016 pretty sure there are much more games that are worse than that.

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ye but then again look at consoles where those "Blockbuster" games get played for a week or 1 playthrough and are never touched again, then everyone goes to the multiplat games... It's incredible how long some PC games have lasted with very healthy playerbases, even SP only games like skyrim have big numbers still, all because of mods.

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Sorry but anyone who brought this game is a fool. Early access is a huge issue in gaming at the moment very few get finished and most are just stuck in alpha phase with zero improvements. Then the devs of those games have the gall to release dlc's when the main product is no where near done... People should of learnt this after Dayz.

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if Uncharted 4 MP is more fun than all those listed games then you have a terrible interest in MP games. Just saying.

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First party MP games would be nice. Socom.

PS+ titles have been poor with few exceptions, Helldivers and RL.

PSN DL speeds always an issue.

Better PSN deals and prices rather than £50 for 2 year old games...

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Witcher 3 has the best ones

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All depends on the price.

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whats the issue? Most first party games are played for like a week or 1 playthrough and not touched again. Multiplat games have more staying power no matter the system.

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"Untouchable" FML

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It's the best shooter this gen.

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