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6700k for gaming, 5820k/5960x for multi-media.

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this video is private

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snes = ps4. megadrive = xbone. fact.

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i was thinking of using my time machine to pop into the future, to check out this game

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there is nothing bad about uncharted. if you feel that there is then feel free to seek medical advice. next.

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nx will probably blow away the xbone in performance. looking forward to trying one

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even the best get beat from time to time. i have been beaten online by noobs a few times, it happens

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there is no "fix". it's a design flaw. affects only the new models :(

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my ps4 is a week old and the high pitch whining noise is unbearable (cuh-1216a) i have been on the forums and there is no fix, it affects all the new ps4s (a design flaw imo) so there is no point getting a replacement ps4. i live in a flat so i can't turn my tv up too loud to drown the noise out. i think it's the fans, can't be the hard drive as i installed a 1tb ssd which is silent.

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i wish games didn't cost £50 (ps4)

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resident evil 4, yes please (even though i've completed it over 150 times)!!

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ps4 is ready. bring on the demons!

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ONLY on ps4 :)

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i'm waiting for gt sport

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ps4 provides a more consistent gaming experience imo. native 1080p (not dynamic!!), no screen tearing, and a locked 30fps. all this with graphics comparable to high settings on pc. this is what i want and ps4 provides it. xbone will always be playing catch-up. accept it and be happy

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i went for the digital release on ps4. decided to leave discs behind for good

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sticking with sony for my vr experience

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totally! :)

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ps4 version makes me happy :)

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