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This is why there is no PSX, I can see them announcing this when they reveal PS5 in Feb like they did PS4

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Who gets the money who did it first or who made it popular?

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It came to Xbox on 12/12/2017, 12 months is the usual MS deal so 12/12/2018 for PS4

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With a subscription service you need a constant flow of games no matter what the quality, you usually get a lot of shovelware and some gems.

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Not surprising Spider-man has a good fan base and Insomniac have a great fan base on PS its a shame they turned there back on them for SSO it may have sold a lot better.

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A game where MS tries to milk an infinite amount of money from Halo fans

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Watching them change seasons in the demo reminds me of a typical day in the UK

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Sony should allow Xplay but I also think Epic are deliberately making it hard to access your account on other devices to force Sony to allow Xplay.

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Parents leaving a young girl unrestricted access to talk to strangers could of ended up a lot worse than just an addiction to a game.

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They had the kick on the teaser of official twitter @assassinscreed

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Don't knock it until you've tried it

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Think there trying for free advertising on the accolades trailer

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Arma 2 BR

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Some of the Devs may have release clauses in their contracts is the case of a buyout

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He needs to be careful I here it can also make you blind.

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It's only the 'game preview edition' that is exclusive. MS like to play with words

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never believe user scores they are rife with fanboys.

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You are probably right but I would wager 90% of sales were XB1 owners.
XB owners are happy buying replacement systems without question just look what happened with the 360.

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The difference is PS owners didn't feel the need to upgrade.
XB owners on the other hand have been pining for an upgrade since the OGXB1 was launched.

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To make up the sales of the XB1, last gen they released a faulty console so fans had to buy more than 1 system.
This gen your only a true fan if you buy an X.

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