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I'm thanking for the peace that has been afforded to me, my family and my community. In a world full of suffering and hardships, I am thankful that there are places like N4G where you can take a step out of reality and enjoy the things you love (video games) and share your interests with others without and prejudicial opinions. On N4G, no one cares about your race, culture, ethnicity or the color of your skin and a place like that is difficult to find in today's society.

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And playstation move was original right? LOL

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What an ignorant comment. If there was any factual thing out there its that call of duty keeps PSN alive. There are ZERO good online shooters on the PS3 besides BF3 and thats better on PC. This is a FACT. Not to mention Call of Duty plays 100x better on the xbox (not that this is sony's/ps3s fault).

XBL > PSN for online games. That is a FACT even if its not Sony's fault that XBL is better, the games ALL play better on the 360.

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Halo 2 ushered in the online gameplay for consoles. It was innovative in that facet. Did a much better job than Socom on PS2. Halo spurred stuff like MLG and competitive game as well.

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Again, stupid fanboys are stupid. Cross game chat is an essential feature that enhances ONLINE play. Anyone who disagrees is a stupid fanboy. For me and my friends to a game properly online or even in seperate situations, we have to call each other up and make our own "chat room" with our phones while we are gaming. I dont want to listen to other people in a lobby when I want to chat with my friends.

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Do more people game on pcs globaly? Well they always have,.. but the question is what,.. My mom playing peggle all the time,.. isnt exactly gaming in my eyes
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What an ignorant comment. Do you know what the most popular games in the world right now? League of Legends. World of Warcraft. Guild Wars. All these games have more active users online than all console games combined. Black Ops 2 (which is primarily the only game I play on...

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60fps vs 30fps
In shooters makes a huge difference. Especially in online play.

Black Ops vs Modern Warfare. Blackops overall is a better more polished game but the gameplay doesnt compare with MW. In MW you can play on a 3 bar, in black ops you are screwed on a 3 bar.

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I am exited for PS4 News
1000 "agrees"

I am excited for next xbox news
1000 "disagrees"

The sole reason I stopped posting on this site. I have only owned sony consoles and a dreamcast and atari my entire life... I still dont understand how fanboys can be so cynical.

Another example of this is sony fanboys on kilzone and Crysis articles bashing crysis because its gameplay sucks or saying that KZ is better g...

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Is that not the same day Game of Thrones starts up again?

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Uncharted 2 is an amazing game. Killzone 2 was a good game. Amazing visuals, great single player but overall the game was alright and MP sucked. Infamous was also good. Rachet and Clank was also good. Notice how I keep saying "good". Not great. 2009 couldnt hold 1996/98's jock strap if it wanted too. No comparison.

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Stupid Fanboy is stupid.

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Uh... the Game of the Year will go to next Metal Gear Solid. MGS4 was hands down the most innovative and greatest game of the current generation. Kojima will deliver again with MGS5. But I bet if its announced its Multiplatform than it can no longer be GOTY since Sony Fanboys cannot accept that. The hypocrisy on this site is why I stopped posting for such a long time.

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Blu Ray win
God of War
A million price cuts
PS Move
......... and so on

Were all supposed to "shift the tides in Sony's favor"

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The nazi soldiers were just doing their jobs as well. o_O

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Its quite ironic people are now blaming the community for ruining BF3 online, yet for a game like Call of Duty, its always the games fault. Has anyone ever realized the main problems that people complain about in COD are a result from the players?

As an example
Ghost/Assassin should be used by people who rush and want to infiltrate the enemy spawn, but noob campers use it and sit in a corner.

Yes there are issues with the game like no dedicated server...

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'moparful99' lol you wish they were just as popular? No we all wish their MP component of the games was as diverse as MW3 or other call of dutys. UC3 SP is by far better then anything else on the market right now but its MP just doesn't stack up well to something like cod. Not to mention, the gampeplay UC3 offers in MP is not for everyone, its a TPS. R3 is an average MP experience nothing amazes me there and wants me to keep playing.

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Dont hate, but until now i didnt know MW3 was on PC lol.

Anyways, you want to do well in cod?

Go spend $300 and buy a 2ms response LED/LCD Monitor
Go Spend $70/mo on fiberoptic or super fast cable internet
Use a wired controller (if on xbox) Ps3 BT is fine.
Buy ASTRO mixamp and combine with a good 2 channel pair of headphones (sennhiesers, Audio Technica)
All of these things will dramatically improve you game, call of duty is ...

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As someone who isnt fortunate enough to spend couple hundred dollars a year on video games, i have to sell/trade games to get new ones. With this recent online pass crap, its becoming harder for me to get new games.

Hand it to sony and EA for starting this online pass crap and hurting the lower budget gamers.

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But but but... teh pc gaming dead. / sarcasm

LOL, this looks very interesting, i was waiting to see what indie developers could produce, looks like these games are finally starting to show up.

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You say that like its a bad thing, except when theres a "secret PS3 exclusive" rumored which usually is some random game no one will care about after, the articles go to 1000heat level.

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