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No need to argue with him, his still hung over from the amazing crackdown 3.

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How does a ban work ? They can always just get a new console 🤗

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Gears 5 is a sure bet, we already know the game will deliver. This the only reason why I want to buy an Xbox. We cannot classify this in the same bracket as crackdown.

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Call me crazy but am I the only one who dose not like this game? I mean I downloaded it, tried a couple games and deleted it. But I can’t seem to understand why people are so crazy about it. Sure I know kids enjoy it but adults? I would like to think adults are playing Battle field, CoD, Apex... e.t.c 🤔

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I had high hopes for this game, when I first saw the E3 reveal I gave the game the benefit of the doubt even tho it had EA stamped on it. You can see by my comment history I was vividly defending this game during the preview stage when it was getting bashed. It’s a shame they could not deliver, I honestly thought this game was going to be a solid 8/10 game game. Guess I have to look forward to Cyberpunk now. 🥺

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And so it begins ........

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Everyone wants this game to fail so bad because it’s EA but let’s wait and see. Personally this is not a problem for me as I always choose gameplay,graphics and fun factor over customizations and skins. And so far what I have seen from this game the graphics and gunplay look really good. I can say this tho, I hope the characters has a weight feel to them like Killzone2 giving the nature of the shooter. I think this game will be a hit regardless of what reviews think, obviously you can already...

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Lol @ how fun game. Are you really honestly excited about this? I can sense your faking the excitement because you don’t have much to play. 🤔

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We need Killzone 2 on the ps4

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I don’t know why people are disagreeing with you. I can’t count the amount of time I booted on my og ps3 just so I could play Kz2. Would be much nicer if I could just insert the CD in my PS4.

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We really need BC, I mean how can PS2 support it but his big brothers dose not? Crazy ain’t it. You will think with tech cheaper to make now than it was 20 years ago that BC will be the norm for both Sony and Microsoft.

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Giving that Batman is multiplat this is really an impressive feet.

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The real people who are in trouble are the company who makes the console and handheld. Soulja boy is just a face for the console.

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Most underrated FPS game ever to me personally is Killzone 2, we really need a remake of that game with the same heavy online controls. Or if not a remake a new Killzone game with Killzone 2 style of controls and online.

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Black ops4 is not just about grind, it’s about killing the enemy. TDM never gets old!!

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Perhaps people have finally accepted the fact that COD is better. My friend who was never really into both picked up COD over BF and he has never looked back. I keep saying it not everyone enjoys the large maps and over the top vehiclaur combact. I mean you get snipped from miles away all the time(I know snipers in this thread looking at me like a noob. Lol). But people just prefer close quarter action COD offeres, Black Ops 4 is fantastic fun and addictive, snipers are not a pain because mos...

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I have the game but I suck bad, but mean while my bro and his friend finished it.

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Well majority of Sony games are critically acclaimed 🤷🏽‍♂️

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