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I really like how Sony support their products it makes my $650 ps3 purchase feel good!

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Modnation racers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Have not seen anythimy like it

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What dont u like about it dude?

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Well I think it's an awesome game and co-op is real fun, multi player can be tricky, if u just run around like a headless chicken u will get owned. I only play this game with ps move now as it works real well with this game

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I noticed metric are also missing a whole heap of the positive socom reviews

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Interesting how the low review scores came in when psn was down and now psn was up it's been getting great reviews. People realy should have waited until psn was back up before reviewing it

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Would be cool if the trigger was in the right spot instead of the front of the gun though

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Hey did u read somewhere that they will be patching shoulder switch in?

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What the hell!!! A 5 he must of put Fuel in instead. this game is like u said arcade heaven. I bought this game 3 weeks ago and it's my fav MST. I would love to play it in 3D though

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Thanks man your right that makes sooo much sence. I understand now why there is no shoulder switch and the camera is closer to u. it makes it more tactical and in real life people dont normaly swap shoulders when shooting they think before moving in and go in from there stronger side. I guess i just got used to the uncharted game play. I must admit socom keept me on the edge of my seat and i had to be very carefull.
In uncharted i felt i could always get...

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I thought it was a great game.The only thing i wish i could do is swap shoulders when shooting, but all in all I realy injoyed it. I cant understand why some sites gave it 3 out of 10. Man there are sooooo many worse games out there that have gotten 8s from the same reviewers.

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I bought this game and it's amazing!!!!!!

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I hear ya m8 lol I can't wait to play it to lol! I can't believe ND just keep raising the bar like this. Great stuff!

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Yea awesome I just wish I could play online campaign co-op online as my m8s live 2 far away

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Need for speed SHIT

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Awesome news I will go to kz for a bit but I always come back to MAG it's a heap of fun

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Bubbles well said

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Your a joke and a liar. There are heaps of people still playing ps3 only games. I was playn Mag, gt5 and uncharted 2 today. Uncharted said it had 35000 players today!

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