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Vr will fail. I pre ordered psvr but will most likely cancel as I just can't see it taking off. Oculus and vive have been dead quiet since launch and I imagine the same will happen moving forward.

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Gamestop games, it's in the game.

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Steam link is better when it works but is still a pain starting sometimes. Then you have to go in the other room to reset it.

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Relaxforabit Give it a rest mate, Im not talking about me im talking in general terms for the millions of potential buyers. Snide comment like this is dirt, you bottom of the barrel person.

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Comfort and ease of use is what will make or break these devices.

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Having used a gearvr I can say this is my experience. The goggles are just not comfortable for me to wear for even short periods if time. I'm hoping psvr is better for me as the weight appears to be on the head opposed to your face.

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This is probably just an update to the speed test, I am guessing the downloads will still be throttled by Sony.

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Honestly I am 50/50 on the success or failure on vr at this present time. I have had a gear vr for about 2 months and now the novelty has worn off I don't use it much. Other headsets may be different but I just don't find such a large device comfortable to wear on your head for prolonged periods of time. I look forward to the day when these things weigh no more than a pair of sunglasses.

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Is he saying you can play games on a big cinema screen like you watch movies on the gearvr cinema?

If that is the case then the framerate of games will not be so important in this mode as you are essentially still looking at a 2d screen.

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They don't need to split the install Base if the only difference is one can hit 4k at the same framerate the other hits at 1080p

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You obviously never tried a gearvr lol

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Sorry but that argument is not valid my mcstorm. The US population is 5 times bigger than the UK. In your logic that would be the UK selling out in 20 minutes instead of 4.

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That article from 2014 is redundant. Their is absolutely no way Apple are selling more desktop computers than Microsoft. Even if that article is adding iPhone and Ipads to their data I'm still not convinced.

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Im always blocking /r pcmastereace but you guys keep popping up everywhere.

One of those cults where nobody likes you other than your own members.

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I don't even like calling other players in on Bloodborne, feels like I'm cheating lol.

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Kraenk oculus has Samsung and Facebook on their side. It's not like they are going to have nothing to do on them. Oculus already has netflix for example which things like the ps vita never had in Europe or the 3ds at all. These companies have been preparing to launch vr for a long time now.

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If that were the case they would have delayed ratchet and clank. Lesser demanding games work around the big sellers, not the other way around.

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I did this a while back but my ps4 is still pretty loud. I should change the thermal paste really but don't want you risk breaking the ps4.

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I think the witness is more likely to put you in therapy lol

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I really want to play this but I'm afraid I'm a bit games out after the witness. I think this game will be on ps+ before the year ends fingers crossed.

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