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If anyone remember, Lucasarts had a well written adventure game that took place in space. The characters discovered alien artifacts that took them to different alien locations. In a little Uncharted in the good old days where story was the only thing in the game. No shooting.

As long they keep the new game adventure story driven with minimum shooting because too many gamers nowadays don't understand gaming without shooting at hundreds other characters on the game. Than ag...

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You also need to consider the total cost on the PC hardware when comparing to PS4 (and Xbox One). The only realistic comparison is PC hardware setup very close to PS4 hardware. Second, the PC must also fit into PS4 size casing with similar amount of cooling and electric consumption.

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Plenty of gamers just want to "believe" the games are running at 720p or 1080p if the TV says it's running on that mode. Worse is when the game is upscaled to 1080p, many gamers are ready to believe it's 1080p.

Just wait this gen, ie. PS4 and Xbox One. There will be many games that are not true 1080p, again by upscaled only to 1080p and plenty of gamers will be ready to believe it's 1080p.

Remember, the need to believe the game is runnin...

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If you still have the launch PS3 console, you can play PS1, PS2 and PS3 and then PS4 console for PS4 games.

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For saved game backups, movies and game demos, the external flash drive is very handy.

I know many PS3 fanboys will say PS3 will use any generic flash drive of any capacity. While that is true, you cannot backup saved game files from different PSN ID onto the same backup drive because it can't see the PSN ID name embedded in the file and will override the previous owner of the same saved game file.

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Original MGS4 has 2 AudioCDs with over 2 hours of music.

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Does it mean anyone who owns the older Arcade model that has smaller 2GB built-in storage to none cannot play Halo 4?

I thought Microsoft said no X360 game can require a hard drive.

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I don't care about the player can "buy" his way into playing the single player. But do not let online multiplayer do the same thing because it destroys the game. NFS has been really bad with gamers "buy" their way into online multiplayer like buy super cars with real money immediately and the rest of us who play the game the regular way have no change to win anything to earn any car.

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Yeap. It shows the publisher is too hurry to ship the game that the developers already have a bunch of bugs fixes. But yet many gamers see day 1 patch is good because they just have to play the game at any condition day 1.

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I agree with glitches are funny but they need to be part of the game rating if the bugs don't get fixed. What better to ensure the developer/publisher fixes bugs if the rating of a game that supposed to be PG becoming M or X? Nothing will ensure the glitches like kissing same gender gets fixed than left in the game for laughs because it's a "funny" bug.

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I only tune into G4 channel because of the gaming shows. Good luck to them since I have no more reason to tune to the channel anymore. Should rename the G4 channel to PC (pointless channel).

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Why play now? The game doesn't change if you wait for a few months and hopefully most of the bugs are fixed by then.

If you can't wait, enjoy the bugs.

Remember, game developers and publishers will continue to ship buggy games because gamers refused to wait. Gamers love to say can't wait. And can't wait means here's the rushed game and enjoy all the bugs.

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I always find it amusing when the actual game is out and it's never like the hype. If you are a clever shopper, doesn't that along tells you to wait than day 1 order?

Those games love to play with bugs so that they can start playing on day 1 or pre-release time. And then complain about the bugs. If you choose to start playing new games that early, then having bugs are expected to be part of the experience.

I'll play AC3 after it has been out for a...

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What I want to see is the default "reinstalled" XMB icons are grouped inside a folder or invisible if I never run them. They are just empty icons anyway without the app. Sony is trying too hard trying to get us to use many of their online apps and think if they put the empty shell icons all over the XMB, users will use them. Wrong. All they do is making a mess on XMB.

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Is that also because Nintendo is spending way too much money in launching Wii U?

Even Wii U is using PS3/X360 tech, is Nintendo manufacturers charging premium to make Wii U hardware?

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Remember, just because Wii U has 2GB of memory doesn't mean developers will treat it like having 2GB of memory. Lazy on optimization is one because everyone is so rush to release games.

In the end without good optimization, having 2GB isn't that much more than 512MB for games that are well optimized.

And, PC is the worst on using memory because the developers simply expect users to buy more memory. Why waste the time to heavily optimized how little me...

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I think everyone forgets is how good the graphics look isn't how new the hardware can be. It takes lot of understanding how to get the old hardware to produce incredible looking graphics, ie. optimization, cheats or tricks in how the graphics are drawn, and well understanding how to program the video hardware.

It takes years for the next gen hardware to show its full potential because it's opposite to what I wrote above.

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Another hype of Wii U games are running at 1080p. Or Nintendo doesn't understand the meaning of "upscaled". Sure ME3 on PS3 and X360 are also 720p game but they didn't have pretend during promotional that ME3 runs at 1080p.

Nintendo is going many similar hypes with Wii U as done my PS3 and X360.

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Why is able to show off trophies so important? So what if you or someone else have more trophies? I have decent amount of trophies just from playing a lot of games but the trophies are meaningless. Do the game need to keep throwing you more "doggy biscuits" so that you will progress or do certain tasks in the game?

(The only use I found is the unlocked trophy timestamp that reminds me when I progressed in the game. But that's only for my own use).

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Renting from Redbox is really to run through the single-player campaign. If either game has MP activation code, then you can't play the online MP if it's included.

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