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That's one thing I love about this industry. As volatile as it may be, everyone really looks out for each other and there's this amazing community-like feeling. When I was at Zynga and hundreds of people were laid off (including myself), companies like Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Blizzard, EA, Activision, etc were reaching to us. My friend at Ready At Dawn tried hooking me up with a producer job for The Order :P

Unfortunately, I'm based in NYC and not ready at...

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The PS4 is generating 30 games per second and darn proud of it.

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Really? Add me on Origin - chezmaster


Attrition games do last 5 minutes if your team knows how to run around with the auto-aim pistol and focus down bots. I hope they fix this because while I do prefer Hardpoint, it's nice to play some TDM to mix things up.

Also, they need implement some sort of team shuffling and/or balancing. A lot of times the game...

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Right but I'm talking about Attrition where bots are problematic. You can run around killing a shit ton of bots very easily and quickly using the auto-aim pistol which gets more points than trying to take down a titan or find enemy pilots to kill.

Because of this, Attrition games only last ~5 minutes and are unplayable, which is an issue.

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I guess you don't play Attrition?

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Been playing the beta a bit today on PC. Not really impressed at the moment. I feel like the maps are too cluttered/chaotic which is surprising for a 6v6. I think the AI bots are to blame for that. I also think Attrition does not last long enough.

Anyone else feel the same way?

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For a second I thought he said "Nothing Is Worth Having The Internet Turn On Your Xbox One"

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Seriously, we need more game studios in NYC :D

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I actually enjoyed the first Black Ops, was a nice change of pace compared to the other Call of Dutys...that and I'm a sucker for conspiracy theory stuff

Black Ops 2 on the other hand I hated because of the futuristic stuff, hopefully #3 goes back to the same style as #1

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Can't wait to go to E3 this year and check out Sony's conference in person :D Going to be my first time going too.

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I wonder if I can request my bonus in bitcoins instead of company stock and/or cash :P

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It's all about 8K @ 120 fps bro

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I'd raid her tomb if you know what I mean

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Another game to play on PC :D can't wait

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Game looks good. Can't wait to play on my PC like I did Alan Wake ;)

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Oh wow. Please be true! I already have a PS4 but I still need to get a Vita. My little sister wants a PS4 and doesn't care for the Vita, so this would be the perfect gift ;)

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Damn that sucks. I ordered from Amazon and my box arrived with zero flaws, had a fragile sticker too. The inside packaging had a lot of those air cushion things packed in nicely.

First 24 hours of PS4 gaming has been flawless, hoping the greatness continues :) and sorry for those who've experienced issues. If I was in your shoes I'd ask for a free game or something from Sony :P

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"There must be a beginning of any great matter, but the continuing unto the end until it be thoroughly finished yields the true glory" - Sir Francis Drake, 1587

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Haze 2 will be GOTY 2014

But seriously, I hope we see either another Folklore or a game similar to it. Such an underrated game :)

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Greatness Can't Wait

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