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Actually places in Europe/Australia/New Zealand the PS3 version costs more

In the USA it's the same price

In Canada I'm not sure as I'm not from Canada, so if any Canadian out there or someone who knows wishes to clarify on this one that'd be great ^^

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I actually own a 360 too, and if I was getting a 360 game that required a hdd install, I really wouldn't mind...I mean it's not like every single game out there requires hdd installs, and plus you can delete it whenever you want and it's not going to affect your save files despite which ever system you're on.

Now...if every single game coming out was requiring HDD installs, then YES I would be pretty annoyed but I mean look at the facts... Look at the amount of games that don't r...

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"Lazy" development on there part, they *could* have made it optional since some other games with hdd installs have had the option whether you want to or not.

But it really isn't that big of a deal dude lol, just go watch a TV show or surf the interwebs for 20 minutes...and you can delete the 5 gigs of data whenever you want and it's not going to affect your game saves as I said before

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I dont see what the big deal is...I mean once you beat the game, just delete the 5 gigs off your HDD, or leave it on there and delete it if you need to make space...I mean it's not like deleting it gets rid of your game saves and you can always just reinstall it back on, yea it'll take another 20 min but so what? Just go watch a TV show or surf the interwebs...

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They call me Snowboarderboy I'm an insider as well. Here's some of my insider info

- God of War 3 will launch late in 2009 during the Holiday Season

- Final Fantasy 14 will be a PS3 Exclusive

- We'll recieve a date for the launch of Dualshock 3 in North America during GDC

- Sony is planning on dropping the 40gb down to $299 this holiday season

- The exclusivity of the next Zone of the Enders game will be determined on Metal Gear...

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Those Mantel helmets are just screaming "BOOM! Head Shot!"

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The Babbages at my mall (Ocean County Mall - New Jersey) had about 3 Wii's in stock. But within an hour they were sold out lol

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Lost Planet 2 & Dead Rising 2 coming to the PS3 is obvious...so when it does happen don't be all like "zomg surfer girl is the best shes always right!!!one!!1" (Directed at comment #2)

I mean...anyone with common sense would know that...

As for Onimusha 5, since it's obvious DR 2 & LP 2 will be going to the PS3, then don't be suprised if Onimusha 5 goes to the 360...I mean DMC 4 did afterall, so Capcom seems to be done with exclusives

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Last week my dad and I walked into BJ's and he commented on how Blu Ray players were dropping in price (pointed to the $350 we saw) and I was telling him about HD-DVD vs Blu Ray format war thing....and he didn't even know wtf HD-DVD was lol, he thought I was talking about normal DVD's the whole time and thought Blu Ray was the only High Def format lol, it was kinda like "wow..." but at the same time good for Blu Ray for reaching out to the consumers and letting them know what they'r...

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Guys this is a video I made myself, let me tell you the differences as I saw them in person sitting in front of my tv...

1) The bartender guy in the 360 version appeared more "blurry" in the PS3 version he was more sharp

2) The textures in the bar/pub(w/e you want to call it) was better in the PS3 version, in the 360 version they appeared more smudged or w/e you wanna call it

3) The 360 version had darker shadows outside during battles ...

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Boring start? I dont know about the guy who wrote this article but I'm having a blast playing Call of Duty 4 & Mass Effect and last week I beat Uncharted...doesn't seem like a boring 2008 for me...I still have to beat Folklore too and try out those expansion packs I bought for it as well and soon Devil May Cry 4 will be coming out.

Yea...2008 is boring for me alright...

+ One last thing before I end this. It's good we have this "break" before the go...

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I loled

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Haha I can imagine in the future someone making a Bioshock mod since the game uses Unreal Engine then porting it to the PS3 then ..... "ZOMG BIOSHOCK ON PS3!11ONE!1" lol

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Anyone else suprised Bloodmask didn't spin this article into Pro HD-DVD?

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Going to be even more funny when we see the Halo movie on Blu Ray =P

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And this two chip monster can be all yours for a monster price! ;-)

I miss the days of PC Gaming, but it got too expensive for me to keep up with XD

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Now we wait until the 18 month deal with Paramount expires and for them to have a piece of that Blu Berry Pie which I'm sure they're craving for oh so much =P

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Future is Blu

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Metal Gear Solid 4 coming to Wii, Kojima told me last night when he was over my house for New Years Eve

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