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I know it's easier said than done, but if you're really into racegames do yourself a favour and get a wheel. I used to like and play racegames on PS2 and 3 with a controller untill GT5, for that I bought a Logitech DFGT, great wheel to start with. After that the racinggenre became my favorite gamegenre. All racinggames 'get better' with a wheel, especially simracers like Project Cars and DiRT Rally. The amount of feedback you get from the wheel is unbelievable, I couldn't ...

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The game is brilliant but not thát hard, it needs a good wheel like the T300rs, the game wasn't made for controllers.

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It runs silky smooth on PS4, it's the rallygame I always wanted. Pure rally. I'm gaming on a 100" screen, the sense of speed is phenomenal and the 60 fps make it much more pleasing to the eye then DriveClub (DC is mentioned in the article).

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I'm playing this on PS4 on a 100" screen using a full hd beamer and it's superawesome. Easy to learn, hard to master and I love the 90's arcade look and how smooth it runs at 60 fps.

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I have a coupon. Two actually, one for 50 and one for 20 bucks, and GameMania stores accept them. Thank god those coupons don't expire untill 2020, otherwise I would have been shit out of luck with this delay. I sure hope no one else has a problem with their coupons.

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I use a T300rs wheel with both games and haven't used my controller in weeks. If you prefer sim over arcade, you'll love Project Cars. My favorite racer was GT6 with a Logitech DFGT, but Project Cars with a T300 is on another level, the handling and forcefeedback is so much better.

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I don't really care about the price, I have no problem paying 600 bucks, same as a good tv. I love racinggames with a wheel and everything and I can't wait to play Project Cars or DriveClub in VR, immersion is everything and I don't believe cheap stuff will do the job. I'm waiting to see what supports what and if the reviews are positive I'm sold, 600 bucks is a lot but hey, it's cool tech.

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DC with a wheel is easy, uncomplicated fun. The game fully supports the wheel with all the basic settings. With a T300rs I had to adjust one setting to 540 degrees, otherwise sharp cornering was nearly impossible. I can still rotate my wheel 1080 degrees, but having the gamesetting at 540 makes the handling just feel right.

I like the casual handlingmodel. Good feeling when you're about to loose control, countersteering feels right, drifting is fun.

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You're right, but I don't expect them to do that anymore. I've been waiting for DFGT support, but after 2 years I surrendered and last month I spend 650 euro's on a PS4, a Thrustmaster T300rs and a used copy of DriveClub.

No regrets, I remember spending the same amount for a PS3 with MotorStorm, and after 5 years using a 150 euro DFGT now spending 300 on a new and much better wheel isn't that bad. But I can imagine it's different with a G27. A G29 cost...

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Old statue, something about fortune, Drake & Scully opening a door...


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30 MB says speedtest, and downloading just took a nosedive under 80:(

There must be lots of gaming and downloading going on today:)

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I'm not sure what you mean with your comment, but here in Holland 50 bucks for 50 MB is a complete rip-off, I pay less for a 120 MB connection (average speed around 100) including HD television.

But who cares. Enjoy the game. And to all disagreeing above, if you can't see the humor in "can't wait" for something people have been waiting for for years, another year, a few additional months and just one more day, perhaps then GTA isn't meant for you, th...

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Cannot wait:) So you waited 5 years for this game, plus another one and a half year for the PC version, you can start downloading it in one day...but as of today you can't wait anymore?

That's an awful waist of a lot of waiting if you ask me, I say you hang in there just one more day:)

JK, hope you enjoy the game, it will be well worth waiting for.

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GTA started as a topdown copy of all the violence allready available on tv, those 24/7 'newsshows' all fimed from helicopters. People like to forget about that and blame GTA for violence, but it's the other way around.

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Yeah but letting them walk away just feels wrong. After you're done you kill them, that's how it always was, it's like a tradition.

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Rubbish wheel is rubbish.

Give us back our Logitechs!

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Brings on a giant beast with a club, you manage to kill it, he serves up two. Loved that in God of War.

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It's not open world, the levels are just bigger then in previous games. Uncharted is so story driven it can't use open world gameplay, it needs to be played in levels.

And now they're bigger! With sooo many places to look for treasure:)

And I don't think this will be the last game in the series. The guy in the end called Drake his little brother, who knows we'll avenge hís death in Uncharted 5.

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Nope, game looks too good:) I thought it was funny as hell when he fell through the map, live on stage. We've all fallen through maps in finished games, and keep on shooting!

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Hey Pivot, I always thought that song was about some fantasy shangri-la land, but it's really there! Might go there one day:)

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