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I just wish they did U:GA a remaster for ps4. In my opinion is very underrated, I actually like it more than U3 or even U1.

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When an inferior hardware runs a game smoother than a superior hardware you know something's not right in the development.

Bad developers are bad.

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Doesn't work :(

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I know right? @N4G we want the old system that allow us to down vote crappy websites like these and block them from spamming their non-articles.

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No thanks! Make it part of PS+.

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Nope! To win at crucible you just need to do team shot, there's not strategy nor skill involved in that.

It's just people running around the map in floks or - even worst - be camped with their team waiting for some victim to pass by so all braves can shoot them. That's what crucible has been reduced to.

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It's never bad to have other modes to play BUT like it has been said since D1, it has to be made separately so they can balance weapons in PvP all they want not impacting PvE.

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Honestly it's better they didn't do it instead of an half assed crappy dlc. I loved the game.

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I don't need sony to believe in EU, I need them to show EU more respect because without this market the PS brand wouldn't be where it is.

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I think the same. Look at SWBF it'll run at 1080p60fps and has way many players online in MP at the same time plus too much going on on the screen. So this can only be because they're using a dated game engine that cannot achieve console maximum even there being a cpu bottleneck.

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"The Razer Thresher Ultimate will launch at a price of $249.99/€279.99"

Razer can go eat a big one... Seriously, this thing with the pricing has to stop once and for all. What a disgusting disparity, $250 would be less than €225 and €270 is more than $310 so yea, again EU is paying more so the US can pay less.

Good luck selling 'em on EU at that price.

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Since Evolution Studios is no more I don't think there will be a Drive Club 2.

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Like he said, it was HIS GoTY. It's his opinion and one just have to respect. I played this game from start to finish 3 times and some specific episodes a couple more times and enjoyed every time. I, for one, would love a sequel.

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@MagicBeanz so people can afford a $300 console and $50~$60 games but can't afford a simple $50 phone? It doesn't have to be state of the art high-end smartphone *sigh*

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There's literally no reason to not use this, I'm pretty sure everyone that have a playstation have a mobile phone.

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This isn't news, it's a rumor -.-' *sigh*

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Nothing new then -.-'

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I have no pity for this guy, I simply don't like liars. Next time do not write checks you can't cash.

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Although they say it can be more if you're a completionist, which means collectibles and/or grinding of some sort.

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"they said"
Well, they said a whole lot of things and most weren't true so... I couldn't care less about what they say because it'll probably be bananas. Once a liar, always a liar. And that deejee guy is the worst "spoke person" on earth the guy is the impersonation of pinocchio.

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