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Because there are 1000s of generic Asian MMOs out there, they're mostly all of extremely poor quality.

Copy and paste mmorpgs.

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Some trophies have bonuses on them - Home items.

Sony have also said in the past, they plan on implementing a reward system.

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You mean 2 small paragraphs and a quote that no one else has reported?

They've been quoted before as saying "trying to get it out this year" (Christmas 09, straight from a SCEE rep), they later denied it was set in stone.

Of course they're trying to get it out this year. It would be a miracle if they did.

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What...? Are you talking about the 360 here?

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Why on earth would that be the case?? The logic is terrible...

They didnt show the date because people are sick of waiting so long for it to come. The focus was on GT for the PSP.

I would love to be wrong however but it seems silly to suggest this.

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Eurogamer should have their review up any time now.

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Any reputable sources on this?

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Why do people always complain about these?

Its great for people who own all of the consoles and need to decide which platform to get.

Graphics & performance is definitely a factor in deciding which platform to get.

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Alot of awesome updates coming to EVE this year, cant wait.

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It got approved because the inquirer thinks its todays news, its on the front page.

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Of course its fake... The "PS2 chip" has been totally removed from that PS3 version.

The only way this would work is if Sony plans on releasing a PS2 software emulator via PSN packaged with PS2 downloadable games


Homebrew runs on the PS3 and someone creates a PS2 emulator (Which is years away).

Otherwise, its 100% impossible and makes no sense.

Any youtube videos with no instructions or sources on how thi...

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It will never match it because thats up to the developers.

They could choose to enable support for mouse and keyboard if they wish, they could choose to add full modding support if they wish.

Most developers choose to ignore these PS3 features though.

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I dont care much about the neighbourhood feature really...

All I care about is the main building aspect and a select few sims you control.

Also the long loading times was such a pain when you went to different screens in Sims 2. It was such a time waster to load the next area just to get to a pointless mall or restaurant.

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Every other Final Fantasy takes a minimum of 6 months (some cases, 2 years) to be released in the U.S / Europe from Japan...

So this release date is actually faster than normal.

why are we blaming Microsoft for a speedier release schedule compared to every other Final Fantasy release?

If you're an FF fan, you'd be expecting an even longer release date.

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Yeah thats true.

It only works with full games. Just dont mix and match and its fine.

Its also worth saying your American bought game will always download the correct American patch.

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People shouldnt be supporting SCEE when it comes to PSN. Their release delays are insane, they might aswell knock on our doors, laugh in our faces and then proceed to slap us.

1. Create U.S PSN account.
2. Buy $20 PSN U.S card on Ebay.
3. Buy game (which will be cheaper than the EU version).
4. Log back on to normal account and play game.

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Its the exact same engine as Infinite Undiscovery. Its mentioned in this interview:

This game had better come to the PS3, its going to bomb otherwise. Star Ocean fans are waiting on the Playstation!

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This isnt the answer. Both sides are as bad as the other.

Sony needs to work with this homebrew scene, not against.

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I had no idea the hunter does more damage the higher you pounce. I also didnt realise you can bounce off walls like that!

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