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These are pointless stats. Optimization is all that matters.

Your engine can be rendering 1 polygon and maxing out 100% CPU and GPU.

It tells us nothing.

If Naughty Dog came out and said "this is it." I might believe it, but optimization never ends for those guys, so I don't expect to hear that.

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Yeah, I'm a bit confused. The purpose here is to use unwanted older hardware.

The vast majority of existing retro hardware will be buried in garbage dumps.

This is a better use.

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I definitely agree. I'd even go as far as saying the weather effects in Project Cars look bad, like a placeholder. Forza looks pretty good, Driveclub looks very good.

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Not trying to be mean, but why are like 90% of sites, linked to from here, formatted so badly for mobile? Doesn't mobile account for the majority of traffic?

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The problem is that as much as I adore Nintendo, they are looking very much like the century+ old company they are when it comes to social media.

They need to learn to "read the room." The supposed "revenue lost" to streamers is logically an extension of marketing, essentially part of the advertising budget.

That is how it should be seen. There isn't room for debate, the vast majority of people do *not* side with Nintendo on this, that...

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This insane.

Remasters help devs recover more money from their investments in game development. That helps them stay open, which helps them make games.

It also funds future devs and struggling devs, called "port houses." Also good for the industry.

Definitive version for those who want it? Good for gamers.

Current gen version for new adopters and new gamers? Good for GAMING.

Remasters are 100% fine...

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LOL, nice one.

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Aww...The glitching ruins the awe I was just in...but I guess it's par for the course.

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Yeah, and I'm tired of people saying "no one buys good reviews." This isn't exactly true. Bags of money? No. Tons of advertising, trips, attention, early places a pressure on gaming outlets.

It's like an ugly rich guy with a gorgeous woman. Often it's personality compatibility and/or love...but sometimes it *is* money. Does that mean he pays her like a prostitute? Hell no. But there are dinners and gifts and trips and clothes and cars...even...

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I disagree, they were in love. That was clear.

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2/5? I hate this ridiculous "industry." Game reviews have become beyond stupid.

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0% chance of that happening. It will NOT be delayed, again.

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Yeah, what the hell is that? They never promised any such thing. At most they said they were "aiming for 60 fps."

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Does society ever get tired of being indignant?

This is getting so exhausting.

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Look at it this way...sure he's a laughing stock and a fool, but at least he's out there to give hope to the hopeless...even if you have no skills in your desired field (like, literally zero ability) you too can have a career!

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In fairness, those who bought the game probably mostly played an hour at a time and enjoyed the experience slowly. (My experience)

As opposed to many reviewers who mostly joylessly marathon games so they can hammer out a clickbait review asap and get back to obsessing about page views and Twitter followers.

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I totally agree. The game *is* good. End of story.

Of course not everyone will like it. Doesn't change the fact that it is a quality product and well worth buying.

The review industry has lost almost all of it's value at this point. Reviewers almost always score things relative to expectations outside the own. Also they are all desperate for Twitter followers and attention from strangers.

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One of the issues isn't only bias, it is that many game reviewers hate their jobs.

Bear with me...

They play games they, often, have no interest in, in an incredibly compact window. The Order should be played in 30-60 minute chunks over the course a week or two. Reviewers can't do that. They cram the whole game into a day, get burnt out and write a rant. It's as much a complaint about their job as the games.

Marathon style games ...

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Playing through this game slowly. I really think that is how it is designed. When you take it a chapter or two in a sitting, the game is awesome.

It is flawed in some aspects and there is a lot of room for refinement, but journalists giving the game a 2/10 are absolutely unqualified.

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Guys... This article is based on Michael Pachter predictions...

So yeah, expect to play RDR3 very soon. Every day is opposite-day for that fraud.

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