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You do know that the game even on disc installs on the hard drive, so Space is a problem no matter if its a disc or digital. I spent 35 dollars on ebay for a usb 2tb seagate hardrive. problem solved, when that fills up I will delete the older games i dont play anymore and just incase i want to play them I will just reinstall

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project cars is the worst game I have purchased or played this generation

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big question is would a game made on DX12 for pc trickle down better on xbox one than the ps4 version going forward.

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I went all digital with my xbox one and ps4. I have not been in a gamestop since buying those consoles on their launch days. the only disc game i had was battlefield 4 but gamestop gave me 30 cash trade in and i used it to pay for my fist year of ea access. game stop should start renting games like gamefly to bring in more income. just charge people monthly on their cards for unlimited used game rentals.

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Who cares a good game is a good game no matter what health system it uses.

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crackdown 3 has an online multiplayer game mode. U can't play an online game without being online anyway. In the case the internet goes down i can always turn on my ps4 which is the most powerful console ever made and play my single player indie game junk. reality is ever since the first xbox I fell in love with online mulltiplayer, I want that to expand to another level,I don't care if its from xbox sony or nintendo. Thank you microsoft for trying to push the tech, now hopefully the...

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maybe I can get an invite to the preview program if anyone is kind. I was in it but i deleted the one month that you could not be in party chat with a friend that was not in , and did not know you could not get back in gamertag is RwB xVinsanity

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problem is that the original servers for the original xbox online games are shut down. still would be cool for single player games, but maybe microsoft dont want any problems of complaining cust with online

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what if they just got better at public relations, Could of just said that do to the initial success of project cars we can now star t to envision project cars 2 with continued support. As for me I downloaded project cars the day it came out and not thrilled about it and wont be doing that with them again. should of waited for forza 6.

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What about people who bought a ps4 two years ago now buying a xb1. Most gamers will eventually have both even though they might only invest in one at launch. Only on n4g you have to only choose one and bash the other

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The problem I see from this article is that they have the xbox one cost at $471 minus $75 for kinect or $396 on a base xbox one. What they did not tell you is that cost is based on a xbox one built around nov 29th 2013.... You cant tell me that after 5 to 10 million xbox one's built and a whole year later that it still costs the same. My guess is that they could actually cost less than $300 for a base xbox one.

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Did you noticed that your list mostly contains launch games. next cod and assassins creed are confirmed to be 1080p on both systems. You do realize the xbox one is a better system today than it was at launch (at least software upgrades)

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I would, so it can be downloaded on my system an able to be played at midnight when it launches. No more midnight releases for me. Maybe they will give pre order bonuses with digital pre orders also?

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whats the difference in price 10 a year big deal.

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danowat + 21m ago
I hate the fact you can't return the main screen back to full screen without backing out to the "desktop" first :(

just say xbox unsnap

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after reading that long ramble, I have one question what games are you playing right now. I'm playing titanfall right now and that is the reason I have an xboxone.

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To be honest i like the idea of xbox buying nintendo better.

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maybe on ps4, but titanfall will crush it on xbox1

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here is the real question. which game will sell more gt6 on ps3 or forza 5 on xbox one? If gt6 was a ps4 launch game I think it would of outsold forza. Compare sales of these two games and it will tell what sony should of done with gt6.

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when will people learn, in business sales are sales and it doesn't matter the reasons why. If Microsoft can take advantage of sony's lack of production than good for Microsoft. Sony is not the same company it was ten/twenty years ago. Sony is making to many business mistakes.

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