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People sure are stupid funding this scam. I remember this pc messiah from begining of ps4 gen and its still going and making money out of dumb pc players

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Pc gaming is absurd nowdays. Look at how far cry 6 run on consoles vs pc. Even rtx 3080 cant run the hd texture pack at 4k. You need a beast to get equal console settings. If i paid 1500e gpu alone i want to be about a gen ahead of consoles with exclusive aaa pc games made for the expensive hardware. This is not the reality but bad ports and no triple A exclusive games on pc is real. Ps5 and series x performance do make pc look stupid. Pc have no value for the money.

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Maybe they could update red dead redemption 2 to 4k and 60fps on ps5 and series x but they probably wanna milk the update and call it a remaster. And it will take so long the game is gonna be unrelevant by then. Its the most recent game they made and its over 2 years old and they wont do a simple next gen upgrade like many major games got for free. So sad i couldnt play the blurry mess on ps4 pro jet engine and they wont do updates.

They probably realese gta 6 at the end o...

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Sony first party studios.

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What full price? Mine download for free i have the special edition from ps4

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I find it unbelievable you still cant buy ps5 without husle. I bought mine week after release 800e from some1 lucky. Been checking online stores lately and every store is out and not lookint good for the future either. This gen playstation may never end up in physical stores. You have to order it online and wait for an enternity.

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Knowing pc gaming and gamers they are sure to ruin their own cake. Sony own becouse triple a Single player games and those are easy to get from torrent. This has led to shitty drm, bad port and pc not getting exclusive single players anymore. I played the age when pc had alot of its own stuff and single player games not possible on consoles of that time.

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I knew it! They often port pc version when playstation is getting the sequel. This way it doesnt bother playstation players and pc players get some single player gems and sony use it to advertise the ps5 whem they give pc the first part.

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If i had bought xbox over playstation i wouldnt have many good games to play. Sony exlusives alone make xbox obsolete. Plus dual sense and the new vr. Xbox only go worse every gen. Microsoft paid 6 billion not to invest in new talent and new games but lock playstation users out of confirmed games which come anyway but now bethesda loose like 50% of their userbase. Bethesda has spiraling downwards anyway. This tells how desperate microsoft is. They have no means to create anything new for the ...

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Ps5 totally flatten what xbox has to offer when it comes to games and innovations this article is biased.

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Crysis 1 remaster on ps5 paid 39e for crappy experience so NO thanks for any other "reMaster"

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Og xbox the best xbox ever created in its time

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Crysis 1 remaster is a joke paid 39e for ps5 version its pretty shitty super lazy port. Sky look bad resolution like 600x400 blocky and blurry. Ai dumb as ever.

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Sony single player games are always the pinnacle of gaming every gen and they dont have microtransfers or buy menus in games.

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This is why pc lack single player games and why you have shitty drm. Pc gaming is to pay x5 to play the multiplatform games with technical problems.

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Why shit articles like this get a pass?

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They only release older games to advertise and fund the new sequel. That is why pc is never good platform for playstation games. They get some older game every now and then and pc players now think to have acces to playstation games. Pc will always miss the good ones even if those games are old. Sony is just flashing some greatness to triple a starwing pc community but playstation is where the interesting games are at. Pc literally only got a small fraction of what playstation has and even th...

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Pga should be good fun and hell let loose worth trying on ps5. Decent month atleast not bad

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Becouse no1 have enough social behavior points lol. China is sick place to live.

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Doesnt look anything special, look like average old generic multiplayer fps. Ofc its halo so guns and gunplay is pretty good. But looks? If singleplayer dont have better visuals its dissapointing. Ps5 and even ps4 exclusives look better.

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