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Thanks for the reply, I was thinking that it's not possible but I hope there is a way. I don't care to play with random people.

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Is it possible to play coop with just a friend. I would like to play this with my son.

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Can't wait

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What's this "we"shit?

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Xbox has backwards compatibility.
They don't need a mini

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Hey, author , quit trying so hard to make something out of nothing
It makes you look dumb.

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It has a 1080P at 60 mode also, so there ya go.

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I would rate it 8-9 there are a few emotional sections in the game also.

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I agree with what you're saying but, I chose getting this over Spider Man. I know I'm the minority.

I've been enjoying the heck out of DQXI , got it Monday and I already have 30 hrs in it.

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I'm enjoying the heck out of this game. It's my first Dragon Quest game. 20 hrs into it.

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You neglected to mention Game pass and Xbox live gold for 2 years also.
Phone companies do this too.
I think this is a little better than rent to own and what phone companies do.
In the end it's still not for me though.

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How convenient right?

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Anything that's not a necessity is usually a luxury.

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I agree and Hitman is also the sharpest version on console.

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RDR on Xbox one X bc is at 4k it's as close to a remaster as we'll get unfortunately.

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Thanks fror the correction , I misunderstood the source,my bad. Still he didn't learn from the 1st time he was under suspicions.

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This guy did the same thing at Nintendo life and got away with. It looks like it caught up with him this time.

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Lol , so true.

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At a discount price also.

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You can still buy the games you didn't finish.

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