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PS4 Pro and PSVR. Sony always seem to be at the front with new innovations. And they keep studios and focus on games and gamers. They are getting their just rewards - where would we be with just MS and Nintendo?

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Yep. Won every single month's world-wide sales since it came out.

It's only the US and UK where XB1 has won a few months with cuts and the new Slim. When MS start taking Playstation's lead and focusing on GAMES then we may see a difference.

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You don't need killer apps. There are more than enough demos to get a feel for it and experience VR. It will only get better.

Bought mine last week and so many friends who do not even game want to come over and try it out. VR is here to stay and is the next big thing along with 4K HDR. Especially in the UK.

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Played Knack at the weekend on my new PS4 Pro and they give option for better Framerate or Improved Visuals. Went for default improved visuals and you DO notice a difference on 1080P screen.

It is a great looking game but textures look improved. Have both infamous PS4 games so expecting better visuals there too. Great that standard 1080p improvements will keep me going until the price of 4K HDR TVs lower.

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Terrible games for me!

Lots of platform games & a basketball game. Did they get us confused with the US?
I was hoping the rumours were false. Was expecting a massive suite of games this month for bragging rights before E3. They must be saving the better games for next month - the 4th anniversary of PS+.

Not to be too unfair I will give some of these a go, and at least we are now getting 2 games for PS4. But one of the worst months ever for me - ho...

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You have no right on this site!

You're comment is thoughtful, respectful, insightful, without undue bias. Basically a very interesting comment.

What are you doing here?

Edit: First time I have ever bubbled a comment...

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Wait for the 360 version. It may sell more than the pc and the xb1 versions put together.

The hardware sales is a shock. I would of expected way more xb1 sales. And just to stick the boot in the PS4 sales go nuts again.

Clever stock replacement by Sony.

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If it ships loads of stock then all is well that ends well.

Of course selling stock £80 less than it launched 3 and a half months ago is not a good sign and a good amount of 1st day purchasers will feel slightly robbed.

We all predicted price cuts - but this much?

Great if you were on the fence and waiting for cuts. But maybe you should wait a bit longer. How long until the XB1 sells for £300?

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It's £349.99 (£80 off) for console only and a web only deal & £379.99 (£50 off) for the fifa bundle in store.

This is NOT a Microsoft price cut, rather the stores trying to clear the vast stock it has.

Once these are cleared many retailers will only take small numbers of new XB1s so to minimise their reduced profits.

XB1 in trouble so early!!!

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You do not understand the concepts behind indie games!

The developers create fresh new games that we simply would never get the chance to play. There are no guarantees in life but its great to have more choice and variety.

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Great point. Only true next gen games built with latest console CPU/GPU/8GB Ram will show what can be achieved.

This is why Sony have told all their studios that any new PS4 games will only be for PS4/Vita and not PS3!

Let's hope for more from the Division...

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Some developers have pride in their art and cannot be bought by the mighty M$. Ubisoft are not one of those.

Way to downgrade what was looking like a great game. Makes you wonder what resolution and graphic features the PS4 version had in November!

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I did not have much hope for this article but it tackles some very interesting issues.

Whether you agree with the content or not a better than average article written with some thought, not just for hits!

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Wow - they could make a movie from this Watchdogs Saga.

# Game ready to Release with Sony advertising for PS4
# Game gets delayed at last minute for no clear reason
# XB1 releases with inferior GPU grunt than PS4
# Game bucks trend and issues almost parity graphics
# Did MS pay for game delay despite Sony's advertising?
# Did MS pay for parity in graphics to mask superior PS4?

Some shady goings on here. The power of...

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With the PS3 even selling more than XB1 worldwide these past few weeks it is a bad state for XB1 to be in so early.

The past week or so I have commented many times on the fact XB1 will be in a royal battle with WiiU for second place in terms of sales this year. It is over 2 million behind and slowing down.

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Having an online checking system is okay but full digital is a good few years off yet. There is the matter of download speed, download caps by ISPs and storage space limitations.

Most devices require some sort of internet connection for verification.

The article is rather lame. If MS had kept all DRM functions the XB1 would of been dead in the water before release. The pre-sale numbers scared the life out of MS. I have never seen them back track before on any...

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You must live outside the UK.

They have been in stock all over since the release day! I would stick to what I know if I was you. Take it from someone who has seen many, many XB1s in stores.

It would be great if both PS4 and XB1 sold out but only the PS4 has been sold out in the UK.

MS had massive advertising, many price cuts and more floor space in gaming shops during the 360 era in the UK. I do not think the 360 has ever been sold at normal ...

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XB1 = 13 Countries
PS4 = 48 Countires

Fact: MS said they were making the same amount of Units as PS4 prior to release. MS decided to concentrate on 13 countries to gain market share in those 13. Sony decided to spread the load.

Despite making the same amount of units PS4 has sold many more. And have outsold XB1 in ALL countries.

Question: Where are all the unsold units of XB1? If they are 3 million behind in customer sales then where...

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I was going to say, "Don't bite!" but too late.

"After all, Microsoft would much rather be in the position it’s in right now than the position Nintendo is in with the Wii U."

WiiU is in second place in sales and XB1 will do well to catch them up this year...

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Its great to see gaming coming home!

There is something fresh and pure about Sony's approach to developers and gamers.

Let's hope Nintendo and Microsoft are watching and take notes!

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