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Guess no one cared to read the rest of the replies... Clearly Shu is looking out for Scott.

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welp I definitely just bought this. Glad I came to N4G today.

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People here don't seem to understand how journalism works. Most of them are just "lulz dae hate IGN?!"

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You may "hate" gaming journalism, but sitting on the computer complaining about it isn't going to change it. It's amazing how many people think reviews can be objective when they themselves give subjective reviews to friends about movies or music or television shows. No other entertainment medium's review industry suffers the same scrutiny like games journalism does, although that's not saying it doesn't happen. Reviews are subjective no matter how you look at it...

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This video doesn't do anything but further prove the how pretentious the hate IGN-circlejerk is.

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You might be retarded. I'm not sure yet.

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Better not say I didn't like the beta or else the disagree brigade will come for me :O

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"It's people like you who see 8 player zombies and think its the best thing since sliced bread,"

I don't see it as the best thing since sliced bread. I see it as a game mode that me and some friends had immense fun playing and now that there's 8-player zombies we can have a whole party play together. Battlefield 4 will score the same as the next Call of Duty, if not higher. Hell if Battlefield 4 did have dinosaurs, I'd buy it and be stoked because of...

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So many crybabies in this comment thread. When did Call of Duty become a broken game? When the multilayer community figured out hacks? Happens in every multiplayer game. Call of Duty may shaft gamers with the "$60, same game, new name" every year but at least the game works and works well.

Also, zombie mode in Black Ops 2 could easily be a standalone title; that's the only reason I'm getting Blops 2, for zombies. 8-player zombies? C'mon, you'd have ...

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I think ET received less than 4s. ET is a true piece of sh*t.

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This article is too poorly written to be taken seriously. There isn't even a single valid point in this article that proves why "IGN is evil".

"Shouldn’t IGN be asking gamers that bought the game how the game is? This just goes to show how biased the company actually is and their motives."
-What?! How does this show bias? Bias towards what?

"When you give Happy Wars a 4/10 questions of the giant should arise as well. We...

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People seem to be missing the point that these games are being released on the same day as Blops 2, therefore, from an analytical standpoint, they'll receive lower sales. Then again is Blops is sold out, someone may buy Wonderbook or Ben 10.

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God of War 3 was on one disc. Behind the scenes content and all.

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Wouldn't a C+ be anywhere between 7.6-7.9?

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"I'm sure people would take a 12GB model for <$199 and even gladly buy an official HDD from Sony later, rather than pay >$50 more for more capacity in the console"

Aren't the current models going down in price or are they fazing those out as soon as the new "super slim" models come out? If I were Sony I'd make the 160 GB slim model $179.99 and still sell it.

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I don't like the Wii U. I'm not gonna buy it, but I liked Bayonetta to the point where if there was a sequel, I'd give it a shot. But this is reaction by these so-called "gamers" is unacceptable.

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@despair Okay I guess that fair. At least you can explain your reasoning behind having a solid opinion on something you haven't touched unlike many other commenters :).

@HiddenMission I don't read her reviews anyway (not the biggest Nintendo fan) so I wouldn't know what she does.

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LOL because the mention of "party chat" is enough persuasion for someone to spend $200 on a 360.

Also, you must not have played CoD out of party chat on Xbox Live. XBL is way more abusive than PSN is. I know this because when I play CoD on XBL, I play out of party chat. Being black on XBL is super fun :) .

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I got it for $27 on Amazon but I didn't disagree with you haha

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"so I'm guessing this one is a 9/10 for me"

wait so you haven't played it?

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