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"Most" devs outsource their asset production to china.

A conspiracy theory huh? PS5 is a mid range PC, with a *new* mid range SSD using PCIE4. You will get shorter load times and better asset streaming. Devs can put in less ledge walks and have greater view distance. That's about it.

No because the CPU handling the calculations, and every vertex has to be calculated. Tessellation can offset a lot o...

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It's just marketing. What he's saying is also so misleading. It's skipping making LOD assets by just brute forcing it with stronger hardware and faster loading. You use LOD to reduce the strain on the CPU. Odd that he brings up Unreal Engine, since it can automatically generate LOD static meshes.

This is really giving me nostalgia of early PC games in the 90's. When processor speed was so rapidly increasing, developers were just brute forcing bad code thro...

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How dare you sir! This 'live and let live' approach would see the end of these types of articles.

Can we stop calling these souls-likes though? Give credit to OoT where it belongs.

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This is accounts created, not subscriptions. Personally I have 3 myself: 1 US, 1 JP, and 1 free account I use to download the game if i plan to resubscribe. FFXIV inevitably turns into a "login on Tuesday" MMORPG, so it's tough to stay subscribed.

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Leap Motion has been around for a decade, It's fairly old tech. Hand tracking is little more than a parlor trick still in games. Minority report style navigation of menus is the only thing it's used for.

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Years from release, and years of DLC already planned. What a shocking revelation from Activision.

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Some of the trailer makes it look like there will be open world pvp.

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Wait for the Black Friday/November sale. You have to buy a ship bundle to play. Which is $45 for a small cargo ship or the weakest fighter. You can also buy one ship plus Squadron 42(the single-player part of star citizen) for $65. It's still a fun tech demo at the moment, but you'd be better off with Elite Dangerous or something. For now.

Do NOT build a new computer for this game. It'll be a miracle if Beta starts in 2022.

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I'm sure it's not really meaningless to writers. It's probably like oscars, emmys, and academy awards. If you win, or are even nominated, you at least have a better position to negotiate from. So it's like a pay raise. Which is what made Weinstein so powerful.

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MGS1's theme was plagiarized from a Russian composer.

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It's not BS. They also can win. If a company doesn't like your use of a product in media, they can sue for defamation by implication or trademark infringement.

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Kirk: "Let them die"

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"I've always thought that it's a bit cringey with female fighters wearing skimpy outfits and that it looks silly and not like something a fighter would wear."

Go watch a women's MMA fight. They wear a damn sports bra and booty shorts. Actual fighters wear as little as possible because it's a liability.

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No one is afraid of gays. Hate, yes. Disgust, yes. Fear, no. Most are just tired of it being thrown in their faces constantly. While being told it's "normal", it's pointed out at every opportunity. Some see it as an expression of vanity, narcissism, and/or sex addiction. Some dislike it simply because gays won't have children and have no "investment" in the future.

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It was free on Origin while back, but i think they stopped doing that. It's still available to buy though.

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I have, and he's right. As expected X4 is a bug fest as well.

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The original owners left long ago, as well as the staff. Bioware was already gone when ME2 came out. As EA started to distill everything out that made them who they were. The process is finished, and they are nothing but a name now.

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In the novel Claire refers to him as "Mr. X", and the action figure is also Mr. X.

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Really? You count the "HD collection" as a seperate game?! DmC at #2... well the site's name doesn't lie.

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The issue they are whining about is because the "good ending" shows Eric's true form. The thought of someone being happy with themselves as they are born is apparently extremely offensive.

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