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Deanwayne , as long as it's a fine arcade game I don't mind the graphics

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What's wrong with them?

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Nintendo games are being made for android and that didn't “end” the console , and it's not like all Play Station games will come to pc anyways

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So basically they are using old ps4 plastic to reduce the cost , that's believable , and I think this will be how ps5 will look like

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Pffff, no thanks

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It's actually running below low on pc

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It's not cd project Red who's doing the port, read the article next time
It's Saber interactive

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2015 look is from advent children, 2019 from jpop band

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Not touching it until it's fully out on ps5

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Loool you people, no one said 8k will be for games, it will be for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu ect so chill

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Woah that's funny I actually tried playing it today never touched it before so my opinion is without nostalgia, and to be honest I give up on it after half hour, I just could not get into it I prefer ff VII crisis core and my all time favorite ff X

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No one said that every Sony exclusive has to be successful, Sony had a great year with games like Spiderman anyway, they can afford to lose some money and see what works and what doesn't

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it does work on 6.0 easy

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It's easy and simple , go to
there is easy to follow guide and you can do it on the latest firmware
it should take you no longer than 20 minutes

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Yeah you are right , just play Mario games until the end of time you moron

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It would seem so , it has been a while since we had system update I hope it's a good one

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It's different because some games require download , when Nintendo closes the eshop these physical games will be useless

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Exactly , they don't know how to port games

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No way it would be in 720p on switch

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Will see , the game just released it will probably revive few patches maybe then they could port it

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