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ROFL gypsygib

Bubble for being funny

I can just imagine every purchase being met with vocal ridicules, jeering and mockery.

All you'd here when you walk in the store are people insulting each other, it would be hilarious.

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I was hoping this would be awesome but I knew it wouldn't...Kinect cant play real games.

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How did this fanboy article get approved. Why is Wii trashed in it? Also, Wii has way better games than Kinect.

The only one note gimmick is Kinect, everything is a variation of a dance game or on rails.

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Brazzers does good work

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Last time i played BF3 was the day it was patched and I don't really feel like playing it again.

It's just not a fun game personally. BF3 has better everything than BFBC2 except the gunplay, and for a shooter, gunplay matters most. In BF3 (on PS3 at least), the gun play is just really off. It almost feels random.

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Bush ruined the economy, Obama has just failed to fix it.

Bush should be tried for treason, he sold America out and lied to everyone - fake wars, fake weapons of mass destruction, horrible foreign relationship, and he's the one who implemented less government control and regulation over wall-street which led to the collapse.

Now the whole world thinks America is a war mongering nation controlled by idiots. But look how stupid Bush was and he was elected...

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360 demo was way too dark for me, but I'm not sure how well the PS3 will run. PC is not an option.

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They weren't that bad or difficult on even the hardest level. I experienced FAR worse boss battles (like the last boss in Gears 3)

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They should probably delay next-gen until these new cards can be put in them. That's what I call a next-gen graphics leap!

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If they were giving them away, I'd rather an iPad3 but I wanted something for portable gaming I would prefer Vita.

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Excellent, KZ is one of the best shooter franchises this gen.

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I have a Move, the only game worth playing on it is KZ3 and Infamous 2 imo.

Sony totally dropped the ball with Move, too bad too, it's a great piece of tech.

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I think Apple's biggest gaming announcement would be some form of controller, until then I'm not that interested in it as a gaming device.

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Technically, if really you want Quantic Dreams to have the best chance for survival/thriving you would want them to create multiplat games because it equals more sales and a larger fan base.

If you want Sony to benefit you'd want QD first party. So which is it?

A gamer has only one answer.

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It's great to see 343 is on the right track in the gameplay and graphics department but honestly, I'm more excited for a next-gen Halo game where the armor actually looks like metal.

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I'm never paying to improve my character in a game.

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They look virtually identical but the 360 is crushing blacks again, but it will probably run a bit better if the demo is any indication.

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Honestly people need better things to do with their time than downgrade games half of them probably never even played.

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There are very few PS1 games I can see myself playing.

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Well, obviously Valve sees some real benefit to a console like PC so gypsygib is probably right about something.

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