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Oh it's a turning point alright, into Xbox shying further away from AAA games and just going with cheap throwaway GamePass fodder.
Welcome to the future of Xbox.

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Lmao Forza ? Talk about rushed DLC! haha just more of the same old content everyone has seen before. Using the same old Xbone engine and assets!
Yawwwwwn MS can't afford good games.

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@ Obscure

Ohhhhh boyyyyy, tell me you're a blind fanboy without telling me you're a blind fanboy.

There's just so much wrong with what you just said, I'm speechless. SO much COPIUM, omg.

You think anyone at all thinks Starfield is a threat?? Hahaha firstly the last footage we saw was so rough buggy and mid game looks like a 6/10 or lower. Not to mention new leaks report Starfield is still in very rough shape. That thing...

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Ummmm Spiderman 2 legitimately demolishes atleast 50% of that list solo. Then we have FF16 which smashes the other 50%


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Where's the PS5 addition? Everything else for Mechwarrior 5 is on PS5.

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Thats what happens to scam games that will never release. Common sense to string people along for as long as possible when you're a scam.

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Yes, yes it is. 100% never releasing.

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Pure GamePass SHOVELWARE lmao

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10M Gap! Woot! No coming back from that.

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There's a pretty big gap between deep emotional dialogue and the level of bad writing cringe of Forspoken. Even in Marvel and DC movies it doesn't make me want to punch them in the face every time they open their mouths.

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Must be playing the whole game on mute lol

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Love the edge this controller has over the competition!

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Don't you mean Microsoft's "oh woe is me, we desperately need to own Actiblizz to compete" MS is beyond playing wounded dog alot more than Sony.

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A Masterclass in paying off GamingBolt for praise.

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What's with the headline? Does any game ever made truly deserve to be a failure?

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When exactly was Doom and Wolfenstein not on Xbox? They never didn't have it. Also the merger has yet to go through so no, they dont own the IPs just yet.

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Any list that actually puts Everwild on it cannot be taken seriously at all. This list is REACHING.

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Of course, its called the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and all games focused on money first and fun second or third strive to reach it.

Gamers are for sure to blame though as if it wasn't so well supported then publishers would stop trying it. Look at Diablo Immoral, mass internet backlash and then.... mass financial support for it, it was a massive critical success and made countless millions maybe even a billion!

Gamers are all talk, no action. Just...

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No white hair = #NotMyDante

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100% factually incorrect article.

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