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It did sell like it deserved. It deserved to sell like shit & it did. Heavenly Sword sold more and that was when not many people had a PS3. Devs who think going multiplatform is the answer are wrong. I'm glad Enslaved flopped as it was a terrible game to begin with. The platforming played itself and the combat was shallow. Overall it was a mediocre game and they should've just made Heavenly Sword 2 instead.

Now I'd rather have someone other than Ninja Theory m...

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Because the company it came from is shit.

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Oh great, more zombies as if there isn't enough of that garbage this gen.

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It's a tie. All versions suck. If I wanted a witty shooter that was different from the rest then I would get Duke Nukem Forever.

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I loved Demon's Souls and can't wait for a Demon's Souls 2 but I couldn't care less about dark souls. I'll have my medieval fill with Dragon Age 2 & ES5: Skyrim and between those games I have way too many others to buy to even glance at this.

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No. The game is garbage.

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No. It's going to be the best on the PS3 because you get the PC version with it thus essentially having 2 games.

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It's a new IP so it's not a sequel to anything. And before you say it, no it's not a sequel to Demon's Souls. Then again, maybe Demon's Souls is just a sequel to King's Field and Yakuza 3 is the sequel to Shenmue 2.


Spiritual successor =/= sequel.

The only sequel to Demon's Souls will be called Demon's Souls 2.

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I'll buy Graces F as soon as it comes out. Vesperia will be a rental if I play it at all. Xillia will also be a buy if they localize it.

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March 15th? Meh. I'll pass

I'll be too busy with Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel, Yakuza 4, & God Eater Burst.


Why did you waste your time commenting on my comment rather than the game itself?

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Day 1 buy

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If he didn't want us to find out about Graces F then he obviously wouldn't want use to find out about Vesperia. Look at the 3 pictures of evidence below.

In the first pic you can clearly see a darker purple font which only can be seen in the 2nd image. Also, notice the top left side of the "T" in picture one and compare it to picture 2 & 3.

If that's not enough for you then look at the bottom of the &quo...

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3DS = Remakes
NGP = Multiplats where the better version can be played on PS3

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I miss The Wonder Years. They should bring that show back to [email protected]

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Of course they do.

Nintendo has good first-party games.
Sony has good first-party games.
Microsoft has Halo.

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They're nothing big about the Saints Row games. They suck just like GTA4.

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Good thing I stopped playing games from Crapcom this gen.

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It's the same new VA as the last trailers. He sounds exactly the same as that and he's nowhere near as good as the original VA in the first game.

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Awesome! I love cookies!

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$5 says they'll turn it into a Mass Effect clone like Dragon Effect 2.

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