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Please God No

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I remember how people didn’t like the presence of indie games in Sony and now suddenly indie games are good again

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just wait for next E3 it will blow your mind ;)

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History teaches nothing, but only punishes for not learning its lessons.

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You could?? can you demonstrate?

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I love when studios try new things and do not reproduce old mechanics and plots

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"But gameplay wise....I dont know."
What do you mean by that?

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I fully agree and I want to add, even those who planned to buy the Xbox can now not buy it. MS wins regardless.
This leads us to the idea that the project console "Xbox" is closing in the direction of the ecosystem. It raises them to the same level with EA Access. MS wins regardless.

And your advertising break in the comments really made me laugh, thanks. Almost forgot, MS wins regardless.

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Are Crackdown 3 biggest lie in gaming history?

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I own a Xbone for 50 years and don't want crossplay

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@ rainslacker
For the record, I did not ask you. Thank

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l know you are sad green troll.
Why pretending you not anti-sony. Your comment history is giving you away.

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@ gangsta_red
No need to go so defensive.
l just ask "are you are pedo?"
How can you blame this on Sony when five COUNTRIES actually didn't even want the game imported?

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are you pedo?

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Resident Evil 4 not just one of best RE game it also one of best games ever

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The human body cannot be unpleasant.
On the other hand reconciliation with violence in the gaming industry means the decline of civilization. If we don’t fight now, then the opportunity to fix something will disappear.

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Resident Evil 6 is good game but not good RE game.

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Resident Evil 6 is good game but is not the successor of the main games of the series. The game had significantly expanded action elements and almost all the elements of horror were removed. This game would be better suited to be a branch from the main series, rather than a numbered game.

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The PC does not update in a magical way, so that your PC's performance would increase, you must buy a top PC in 2020 and again buy a top PC in 2021. If you can spend such money, you can say that the PC is an always evolving system.

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> Imortus_san
"a lame excuse?" a lame excuse to what?
You want to buy the same game with new characters and a patch every year?

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