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re3make looks awesome

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Crackdown 3 Deja Vu

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HELL YEAH. Goodbye money.

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If it don't work it's your fault!!!

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Ninja Theory game is just Why???

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It's best time to get in the game. 40 characters, 34 stages and over 200 costumes for 30$ good damn.

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l don't know about that dood. l just want another good fighting game.

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I don’t think that they have a choice, otherwise the game not only makes no profit but the development will not pay off.

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Game of the year just become better

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Comical attempt to bite off a piece of popularity of MGS.
p.s. Yes, l know where is 6 games. You better look at thumbnail.
Have good day.

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What he really said "We felt it was the right moment for the company, after 23 years and 12 years working exclusively with Sony, to follow our path and explore different directions."
and the title "Quantic Dream Talks Giving Up On PlayStation Exclusives"
Thanks for your time.

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ohh got tits. pls NOOO!! take it away!!

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game jurnalist mode on
l heard from my friend supposedly perhaps addicted to Call of Duty. pls hate COD.
game jurnalist mode off

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Phil 'Wait for next E3' Spencer

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statistic from bizzaro world

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Dislike confirms that players are concerned only with cross-play, starting from the launch of the playstation 2. All of us still remember these cries about cross-play with Dreamcast. All were waiting only for the possibilities of technology to implement it, and finally, at the end of 2018, such an opportunity appeared for the first in the history of mankind.

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"While Sony can perhaps lay claim to a larger selection of iconic IPs"
Gamingbolt perhaps is gaming journalists website

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Xbox can be removed from the news title and nothing will change.

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Please relax, do you need some water or something else?

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he from Phill xbonners

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