Cant wait for ps4... xbox looks like they took a design from the 80's...


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Maybe super smash bros should have the streets of compton as one of the levels

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triggers look huge!

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well if you have the money to buy a ps4 then hopefully you have a tv that supports hdmi cables...

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yeah they compared lunch boxes and came up with the design

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didnt really look like they fixed it... they took the dpad from the redesigned controller and recessed it into the controller

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The box looks like the regular nintendo... very simple... the controller finally did away with the battery pack but the triggers looks huge and blocky.... the kinect... well looks like the 360 power brick...

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Sony hasn't release what gpu they're using so keep your mouth shut on that topic. place is crawling with pc gamers since ps4 was annouced.. guess they're scared... hahaha

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Oh Snap! PC Gamers are getting up in a roar over this... go back to your mothers basement/attics and play your crappy WOW

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Says the guy with 3 bubbles

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He has an opinion to call the guy retarded too

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Idc what anobody says duke nukem was fun and it was funny as hell.... And they went through hell to make it.... And I'm surprised in a lot of people... George is defending halo.... All these haters must hate halo? Opinions are just opinions in the end so why is everybody getting twisted about it... Relax

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I could care less about COD... its full of noobtubers...

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Sounds like all these pc gamers are "butthurt" and talking crap because they cant afford their next $500 graphics fix... guess food and rent should keep ya happy XD

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idk about all of you but Sony's OLED tv's are the besT!!!!!!!!!

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Well all in all Killzone 3 wins! :D

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talking about a small amount of bubbles... you only have 3... you must talk alot of nonsense aswell

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Hey it's only normal to be human right? Carnal nature always kicks in... Don't try to deny it...

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I have 2, a 19 and a 32 one. the 19 i use as my computer monitor when i upgraded to the 32 inch... my games look beautiful on both screens

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Insignia is actually a bestbuy brand and are quite good tv's

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Do people even read these articles before stamping a huge headline that catches every1's hate filled eyes? lol

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