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The matchmaking is abysmal for a primarily online focused game, their lack of action to fix that yet add in MT's just adds salt, especially when content is so sparse.

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I agree with Rachet and Clank, would have liked to have seen Uncharted in there and thought Doom was a great riff on old school gaming (single player at least).

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I would like to see better offline (or at least solo) content before I sunk my money into it. I've often thought of buying the original but now would be a bit late I'd imagine due to player numbers.

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Bots will be awesome for longevity and hopefully available for testing on your own maps

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To be fair they are both the same price for the Origin edition on all platforms, $60. Difference is PC have the option of buying a Standard edition for $40 whereas console players don't. Considering the extras in Origin edition are largely for PC games it does seem a bit unfair not to have both options for both platforms.

As for the other points, they sound a bit thin... spreading the article over 6 pages is just ad revenue, likely why the 'article' itself exis...

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I'm enjoying it, but I only play the singleplayer/co-op

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I would agree about the globe section, happened more than once too. But, for me at least the game was pretty spectacular and I liked it a lot.

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I found it all a bit safe, which made it a little boring for me. Weak weapons and set load outs isn't what I was expecting, so maybe fine for people new to id shooters with no expectations.

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It's hard to make judgement as no one really knows what it is, if it's a better version of the console than that basically takes away one of buying a consoles strong points and you'd be better off buying a PC next gen, if it has a specific usage like 4K streaming than fine.

I own 3 Sony devices but I'm definitely not a fanboy, I have so far this gen been pretty disappointed with their handling of a lot of things and miss their approach last gen, innovation, fo...

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I'm betting the disagrees aren't even Kiwi and have no idea of local pricing, go go champs.

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And Sony still stiffs NZ with its regional online pricing

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It's preproduction, it doesn't mean we'll see it anytime soon.

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As a PS4, PS3 and PSVita owner I don't think the Xbox One has lost anything. If they keep looking after their customer base and Sony keep junking on theirs then I know which console I'll buy next gen.

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Nice site, found myself reading through a few of your articles. Refreshing read.

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It's almost like Valve have been trying this for awhile, Portal on PS3 was crossbuy (only if you bought the console version though, not the otherway around, I guess due to pricing) and you had a PSN Steam login. I guess Sony dropped the ball or didn't want to go through with it on their own products.

I actually think it's a great idea, I've been toying with getting an XboxOne for awhile and if they do this well I may check it out. Sony have personnaly been irr...

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Launch is less than a month away and there are some quite obvious flaws present which don't fill me with confidence, while it doesn't affect gameplay I find the unpacking/loading really off putting during cinematics, lip syncs go way off due to stutter and just feels unprofessional and a bit sloppy. The framerate drops during gameplay are also a bit immersion breaking. Theres a lot of good in the game but I did expect things to be crafted a bit better.

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I kind of agree about Rise, although I did enjoy my last playthrough.

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Gone from being an "I will eventually get it" to being a day one, I was worried about the longevity but this should keep me amused for a bit remaking some of my old Doom and Quake maps. Some old school multiplayer won't go amiss either.

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That's pretty cool, definitely increases the longevity of the purchase.

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Did you play it?

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