Still flabbergasted by the Haters on N4G


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I see n4g is still the home of the fanboy

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Why would your drop £35 when you don't even own an XBOX?

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Wow, Nicely said Yourcall. Bubbles.

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That shit was Funny!

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He's not stupid, I'm sure he has backed his hard drive up in several placed. He probably has friends that has copies of everything he has.

I also thinks it sets an erie precidence for a judge to grant such a thing. I'm sure sony will comb through things on his hard drive that is not related to the PS3 which would be an invasion of his privacy. A classic example of how big business can pretty much do whatever they want in this country. They can probably sell ...

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"And sports champions is not bundled with move unless your buying a new console and if your counting that then the same can be said for most Kinect games."

That's not true, Sports Champion "IS" bundled with the move bundle that doesn't include the bundle. I bought the move bundle with the camera, sports champions, and one move controller; it also has the demo disk in the box. You should do some research before calling people out.

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"I bought kinect the day it came out, sold it last week to a co worker for $125.00"

As said by a guy whose moniker is "HELGHASTDRAKE", yeah I just have to call shananananananagans on that BS.

"Sony made a lot more profit with move despite them selling less because of less advertising costs"

Do you know the difference between making money as opposed to not spending money. Perhaps you mean "saved" ...

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@Hozi89 - Can you run with Move? Or do you need a controller or subcontroller to run.

Then that means that you can't have a hardcore game with move either. Oh, unless having a controller with move is allowed while not allowed with Kinect. In your opinion that is.

So with that being said, why can't there be Hybrid games for Kinect, where you can make hand gestures, voice commands, and stuff like that while also using a controller.

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"why are you taking other peoples word when you have the ability to observed and analyze and guess the review score before the reviewers"

Did I miss something? HE SAID THE HE IS BEING TOLD THIS BY HIS FRIENDS. Do you not have friends, do you NOT trust your friends at least a little bit?

"IMO I think your better off playing games with a controller."

Okay let me make sure I got this r...

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thebudgetgamer - Yeah, I see how over that last few years how that have just up and left nintendo. Come one son, casuals are just as important as hardcore and from the way it appears they spend a hell of a lot more money.

I mean seriously, look at your moniker, you aint spending any money.

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@Morgan, you don't think bookmarking comments to talk smack at a later date is a bit highschool?

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@newmonday - That was pretty lame. Seriously, every 360 unit sold is a unique unit. Spin it, however you'd like but that's not going to change the fact that even if a unit is sold to replace a broken on, as far as sells go, a unit sold is a unit sold.

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@Infamousxx87xx - seriously, don't be an idiot. You actually sound dumb. Let it go, fanboyism was around long before MS got into the game.

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Played them both, liked alan wake much better.

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QDOGG, you managed to bring trolling and stupidity to a new level.

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Wow, I see brains are a rare comodity around here.

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People hit an smack each other all the time. You don't think people smack each other when two people play wii or Move games. Don't be such a lemming, for every single person playing kinect where someone gets smacked, there's 5000 others with no incidents at all.

Some people over play everything. I haven't yet heard anyone say OMG Kinect is so fun and involving that people forget where they are or what their surrounding are. You know why, because you'...

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No I've had them all dos 5 thru 7 missing nothing in between, even had apple and linux machines. I am an IT professional I don't computers and networks for a living. Now, think about your question again (or why you asked it), consider all the other things in your live that hasn't performed the way you feel that should have (computers, radios, consoles, blow up dolls, etc.) and then ask yourself how many of those manufacturers do you actually hate because of their disappointing pr...

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He's usually pretty point on when I read his comments. You have an example?

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How to you determine if Move outsells Kinect at Christmas. Do you count a move controller and A camera as 1 move sold, or do you count the bundles.

Because just counting the controller doesn't constitute a move sell IMO, it's very difficult to track New customer adoption for Move.

Hell it's difficult to even formulate the question?

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