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You mean companies try to make a who would have thought?lol

we need more companies making profit in this economy.

4495d ago 0 agree1 disagreeView comment of the best features from the pin and paper game removed. not really champions without it.
i played this as a kid...the weakness system really helped define you character.

examples...cyclops (x-men) can't control his eye beams with out special made glasses. a werewolf can only change with a full moon. your guy might have a drug addiction, ect.

went back and read the article...the weakness system sounds nothing like what was in the pin and paper...

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i agree with bullet...i just bought a highend pc. i suck at keyboard and mouse right now so a controller is a great option for me. i enjoy the better graphics with the computer but love the controller of a console. i am all screwed up right now.

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if that was the case, sales would have been affected along time ago. you act like the Red Ring of Death deal has just happened.

if any thing your point brings out that the Red Ring of Death may have not hurt the 360.

but i stick to my argument...more games at this more too buy.

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Not trying to be capt obvious here, but wouldn't that be the case because the 360 has more games at this point.

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you guys who are concerned about Assassin's Creed must have missed the announcement by Ubisoft. Assassin's Creed has gone gold.

this is from
10/25/2007 - Ubisoft Announces Assassin's Creed Has Gone Gold [ Assassin's Creed™ ]
UBISOFT announces ASSASSIN’S CREED™ VIDEO GAME has gone gold – launching november 13

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this game is taking forever for them to finish.
i really like the gameplay of the brother in arms series. a lot more realistic then other WWII games as far as how you would actually fight a battle with your squad.
you actually get to know the guys in your squad (or fireteam) as in real life.
i like the iron sights as well. instead of the cross hairs on the screen.

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maybe I missed where in the article it mentions the would be nice to know what tv was used for the 360.

you have to include a TV in your equation with a 360 & PS3. some of the color issues could be chalked up to a less than adequate tv.

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i hear ya. the orginal sure would make a good arcade title on LIVE. i would love to hear those old sounds again, lol.

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bym051d too true. i noticed that a lot of people since the Nintendo do that to this day.

as far as the replacement piece i was speaking of in my above post:
the guy from work i was referring to said it was just off of Ebay, lol. so i guess it wasn't what i thought. o, least it works.

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my work computer does not have great sound...but it sounded like during the swinging scenes that his arm made the same sounds from the original.
can anyone with better audio quality verify that for me?

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lol...that's funny.

i guy here at my work pulled out his old NES. He could not get it to work. the problem everyone had...the cartridge slot was screwed up. except because of age...he could not get any of the old tricks to work.

he found a company online that made a replacement piece that was suppose to be improved and would not fail. so far he claims he has no problems and that games work right off the bat. not sure what company that he got it from.

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nothing like hitting those crazy three pointers in double dribble...a game that you could never actually get called for double dribble.

i remember going from atari(one button controller)to NES and thinking how complecated that two button controller looked.

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Deus Ex 3 & Freelancer 2...that sucks. If this is true I find it weird that Freelancer2 was being made for 360 and not PC as well.

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nice...yeah my first lesson in patience, lol.

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i agree with your last paragraph. i like the original a lot too. history has shown it is not easy to bring that same magic from old 2D side scrollers into the 3D world.
although Ninja Gaiden switched over nicely.

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one of my favorite NES games ever. right up there with the first metal gear.
i don't remember all the details, but i would build my guy up as high as he could go on the first screen by making the enemies respawn so i could collect those bullet things. i would then proceed to wreck havoc.

nice announcement for us old timers.

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Wow...Bioware bought by EA. Has anyone read anything on how the guys at bioware feel about this? Was this a take over, or was Bioware a willing party?

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here is my reason:
Halo is on all gamers side. Halo has made entertainment history. You can not question that. And do you think the people with money to invest in entertainment cares if it is a 360 or playstation they don't.
Halo has made people who are not gamers, realize that video games are a real entertainment medium. and it is worth investing in...

we as gamers are going to reap the benefits of Halo's success.

so we all win as Hal...

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this site is still in beta...if n4g is going to approve about make a rumor column to quit cluttering up the REAL NEWS. its hurting my eyes!!

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